Sunday, April 12, 2009

testing something new

I have noticed some really unique ways that people photograph their work and display those photos on their blogs. Whether that be in digital scrapbooking or a manipulated image software program, I am intrigued to implement this on my own blog. I hate stealing ideas and would never want to offend anyone by all means, but I so admire the softness and creativity that a lot of blogs create with their photo displays. For sometime now I've wanted to take a stab at it myself, but never knowing where to begin, I sought out the advise of some very lovely ladies. Since there are so, so many "spots" out there in blogland, wordpressing and typepads, and to name them all would be impossible for me to do, there are two distinct people that have helped steer me in the exact direction I needed to go in. So, thank you, Barbara and Nina, for being so friendly and helping me with this.

This is just a test, but please let me know what you think ~ all comments are welcome. Thanks Girls!

Talk soon!


Melissa said...

Julie, that looks terrific! Now you have me intrigued as to what it is you've used. I've been meaning to spruce up my photography display too. Good for you!

LindaTN said...

Julie, I think your blog looks great and your son is a cutie.


Tanya said...

Very cute!