Friday, April 10, 2009

tornado update...(video)

In my previous post I mentioned that Nashville and surrounding areas were under a tornado warning and watch. While I typed, the tornado siren sounded and I needed to leave the PC. Thankfully, our part of town was safe and untouched. However, there are other areas not so fortunate. In Middle Tennessee we had at least 6 different tornadoes touch down. Below is a link to a city south of Nashville that was devastated by one of the tornadoes. While we were watching the weather report a Murfreesboro resident called into WKRN, News Channel 2 (ABC) saying that he is looking at funnels in the sky and having large hail. He explained where he was and the meteorologists quickly scanned to the Doppler radar and noticed a hook in that exact area he was calling from and they desperately were advising everyone to take cover immediately. At that point, the station intercepted one of Murfreesboro's traffic cams and we watched live the tornado form, touch down and then race across this town. You'll see it on the video. This is Middle Tennessee's third week in a row to experience such weather and we're only in the beginning of our tornado season.

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Nancy said...

This is so scary Julie. I'm so glad you and your family are OK.