Monday, April 27, 2009

stitching and reading

Second post of the day ~ Yay! Last night I finished assembling My Needle Book by Blackbird Designs and this morning I stained it with walnut crystals and let it dry in the sun for 30 minutes. To finish things off I used a flower eyelet for a closure with a piece of yarn.

I used all the called for supplies with respect to the DMC and 40 ct Antique White linen. I used walnut crystals instead of tan Rit Dye. Since I don’t know how to crochet I used a flower eyelet and a single piece of yarn as the closure. The yarn came from my grandmother’s supplies and I finished it with a buttonhole stitch around the seam. I’m happy with the results.

When I was at my mom’s house on Saturday I went through her bookshelves and picked out some books to read. I am on a reading kick. I’m so motivated to read whatever I can get my hands on. I’m just about finished with Breaking Dawn. I have less than 50 pages to go and I’m really streaming this one along as slowly as I can. I’m going to miss the characters so much.

I have been contemplating joining a book club. It sounds like a lot of fun, and to be able to get away for a girls’ night out book club meeting sounds fun. The group I could join meets at a bookstore in the coffee shop. That just sounds so relaxing.

On a side note…after waiting 2 months I finally received my hand gun carry permit. It came in the mail on Saturday. Today I went to the grocery store and was concealing my gun and I’ll admit it felt kind of strange. I definitely didn’t feel “powerful” as some might feel or think. Instead I felt like everyone was staring and noticing me more, but that wasn’t the case. People really don’t pay that close attention so no one even noticed because they aren’t looking for it. My DH said he felt the same way at first, but then he got over that. Besides, I have the right to carry so enough said.

Me and Cameron are going to mom’s house tomorrow. I don’t have anything else to add right now. I’m sure I’ll come up with something soon. :D Talk soon!


Siobhan said...

Beautiful finish, Julie! Your finishing is wonderful, too.

The Historian is one of my all time favorite reads. I hope you'll enjoy it as much. The book club sounds fun, too!

mainely stitching said...

Love your recent finish!! And I really enjoyed hearing how fun it was to have a stitching day with your Mom and friends. :D

Nina said...

Super!! Great finish :)

Marina F. said...

Excuse-me for my english...this job is very very pretty.



Nicole said...

Beautiful Julie! I love how you finished it - it turned out so pretty!!