Tuesday, March 24, 2009

progress underway

My needles must have flames behind them because I have finished another project and I’m half way done with my carrot. I don’t know where this fire is coming from because lately I haven’t been feeling well. I’m not ill; just not well. I’ve had my migraines and headaches for days now so I’m heavily medicated and regularly. I’m not having such a good time either. I am faint-like, light headed, run down, a bit slow even, and a tad on the confused side. All I can do is lay around and luckily I’ve been able to stitch once the pounding subsides and then it’s time to take more meds to keep myself functioning for Cameron’s sake. I keep crossing my fingers hoping each new day will be a brighter one. Onto stitching though…

I finished the January Primitive Floss Tag by The Needle’s Content. I hand-dyed 32 ct natural linen with walnut crystals and sprayed distressing solution on it, then baked it. I did this before stitching because I used Gentle Art Sampler Threads and as we all know are not colorfast. I’ll assemble this little cutie in the next couple days. I’ve already purchased February and March floss tags and they are really cute. Annemiek is designing floss tags for all 12 months ~ so cool!

This is my progress on the carrot. I used two DMC colors (green and rusty orange), but I’m using WDW Carrot for the body. The pattern came from a punchneedle book of mine. I traced the pattern using an iron-on pencil and then transferred it onto plain weaver’s cloth. I should have given more thought to this little project. From the beginning I planned to stuff this carrot and lay in a basket for Easter or something like that (who knows!), but what I should have contemplated was the color of weaver’s cloth. I should have used a spring color like pink, yellow or purple. I mean, I have those colors. I just didn’t think all this through. Oh well, you live and learn!

This morning I was resting on the couch and Cameron nestled up on my side. He must have been really comfy (although it doesn’t look that way) because he fell asleep before his actual nap. He looks like a little monkey all rolled up.

I'm excited that I have another finish in one week. This means I have two days open now for something new or something old. Decisions. Decisions. That's it for now. Talk soon!


Vonna said...

Your floss tag is so cute ;)
And I really love that carrot too!
What a sweetie all rolled up sleeping :)

Siobhan said...

That floss tag is ADORABLE!! Congrats, Julie! The fabric that you made is fabulous, too. YGG! Love the carrot, too! Cameron is a cutie, he looks as snug as a bug in a rug. :) I hope you're feeling better.

Brigitte said...

Those floss tags Annemiek designs are so lovely. You will have a nice bunch at the end of the year.

Jennifer said...

Cameron looks so sweet here.
Your projects are lovely! I can relate to migraine headaches, girl. I'm glad I don't get them often but when I do, it's pretty bad.

Jennifer Dalenberg

Daffycat said...

Oooo, lovely dyeing job, the fabric turned out perfect and your stitching is wonderful!

Awww! Tiny boy and a big couch...how sweet!

Melissa said...

Your floss tag is wonderful. I joined that group too. I just need to start working on the tags. Your little one is sooo sweet all rolled up like that.

The Scarlett House said...

Gosh Julie, so sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. That stinks. Those little tags are as cute as can be. I hadn't seen them before, so thanks for sharing.
Cameron looks adorable wll curled up like that.