Friday, March 6, 2009

bang! bang!

Tomorrow I'm off to a hillbilly town over an hour west from Nashville to take my handgun carry permit class. I took the class in 2006 and passed, but never went and actually got my license to carry a weapon. In Tennessee after passing the qualifications you have 6 months to apply for the carry permit through the federal government and I didn't do that. I had a miscarriage during the six month period and lets face it, got depressed. Getting my carry permit wasn't at the top of my list so the six months expired and I could no longer get it.

Well, tomorrow is the day I go back and retake my test which lasts all day long. My DH has his carry permit along with a dozen other tactical and defense type qualifications under his belt. He is merely going with me to watch (and he's taking pictures too :( ~ he loves this stuff! Ever since DH became a United States citizen he has wanted to exhaust all his rights under the Constitution, and I don't blame him. It took at least 7 years of hard work and a ton of money to become a citizen.

Anyway, thankfully I already know how to handle a gun. I'm just retaking the class because 'its the law' in order for me to get a carry permit. I'll be shooting a Taurus PT 24/7 9 mm, which I love. It's a mean gun, easy to control, and comfortable. This is a photo of that gun. I'll probably go down to a revolver or a smaller caliber once I can carry because the Taurus is a big gun for a petite girl like myself. However, I like that this weapon holds 17+1 round which means if I should ever need to defend myself (Lord blessing that I won't ever have to) I have 18 tries. LOL (I know, no laughing matter really.) That being true and I am a good shot, it won't take that many to wound a person.

Let's switch gears! I have no photos to show of my stitching progress. There is some but not a whole lot. I've been trying to catch up on house cleaning, which I am being successful at. The laundry is complete, the house is dusted, the kitchen is clean, and tomorrow I shoot a pistol all day. Sunday resumes bed linens, towels and bathroom cleaning. So I can't say that this week has been wasteful. I started my block on Shores and it is difficult getting used to 40 ct linen - OMG! It's so pretty though. I've been reorganizing my craft area. I've installed 1 large wire shelf and am half way through with installing the second smaller shelf. I did something really neat with that white shelf I bought at the antique mall, but I'll show you that later.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend. I'll talk soon!


Redwitch said...

OMG! Reading this post is a bit surreal for me. In the UK we only usually see guns on the television or at airport security!

So glad you started talking about stitching again, I'm back in my comfort zone :)

At the Honeysuckle Tree said...

Yikes, Julie - I went to check on your blog and thought for a split second that the link didn't work right.

Have you been stitching? How is Cameron? Jose? Hope all is well.