Wednesday, March 4, 2009

current cleaning rotation

I have postponed housework and need to get back on board around here. Since my current rotation for stitching is coming along splendidly I decided to do the same thing for housework. I figure if I feel so accomplished with my needlework why not feel the same way about my home. I've been so busy organizing, crafting and chasing after Cameron I have neglected my home. I do pick up each room everyday because it's just part of the routine around here and Cameron is in on it. Nothing is ever left just sitting around waiting to be moved or picked up. But the housework of dusting and so forth need tending. Here's the Current Cleaning Rotation:

Sunday ~ bathroom, wash towels, wash sheets, sweep
Monday ~ day of rest
Tuesday ~ day of rest
Wednesday ~ sweep/vacuum, collect trash, mop
Thursday ~ kitchen, 1/2 laundry
Friday ~ 1/2 laundry, dust, sweep
Saturday ~ filing, office work

I think for now this will do ~ looks promising enough. :D

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