Thursday, March 26, 2009


It’s been a rough few days, but I do have something to show for. I have another finish. I finished primitivebetty’s My Favorite Kitten last night. I’m not showing it in its entirety because it isn’t “assembled,” but I will at some point soon. Now I have Monday, Wednesday and Friday opened for new or WIP projects. This is quite exciting! I haven’t looked through any charts or WIPS yet to see what’ll take those places, but by next week I’ll have another day freed up. WOW! I’m currently rotating and that’s the point. I actually got half the laundry done today and that was the plan too…so far so good!

Talk soon!


Tanya said...

You're on a roll, Julie!

Laundry - ugh. I have 3 piles awaiting me to fold .... tomorrow!


Siobhan said...

Love the sneak peek! :) I hope you're feeling better soon.

Maggie said...

Your rotation seems to be working well. Looking forward to seeing the little kitty all sewn up

Brigitte said...

It's great to have three openings for three new projects, isn't it. I'm looking forward to setting up a rotation myself next month or so.
When will you show the kitten?