Monday, November 17, 2008

my companion

I use this "device" for everything. It goes where I go. I never leave home without it. I was at a stitching weekend retreat a couple years ago and the lady next to me had the exact same thing with slight differences. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. It had everything that she'd ever need right at her finger tips. Just as quickly as it opens it can quickly close, which I love, because you don't have to necessarily put everything away when you're done for the night ~ it can all just get rolled up into one little package. I love my needle nook! It's a Susan Greening Davis design. I had to improvise though in its finishing. It came with the chart and the pink linen. I went to Michael's and found a piece of felt for the inside and I decided to finish my edges with fabric so I bought a fat quarter at Michael's as well. The design did not call for binding, but I didn't want a raw edge so I put my quilting skills to work and hand sewed binding to my needle nook. I purchased the buttons at my LNS and the little 'doo-dahs' (a Susan term) I purchased years ago from her. Everything else I had.

Needless to say, I was very proud of myself on this one. There were no instructions on most of this design, except for the stitching and one way to sew the felt on. Other than that, everything else was truly Julie's creation.


Nancy said...

What a wonderful idea your companion is! This is so pretty Julie, and so very handy. I love the ribbons you used too!

Julie said...

Thanks, Nancy! The ribbons are a tradition in Susan designs. She uses them A LOT.

Annemiek said...

What a great finish Julie. I took several classes with Susan at markets and love her.
You did a wonderful job on the finishing part.

Françoise said...


Julie said...

Thanks Ladies, for the wonderful comments. I'm taking another class with Susan in January and I'm so excited ~ it's at the beach. I also went to Celebration of Needlework in Louisville, KY this past October and attended an event she was hosting. She's such a hoot!!!