Tuesday, November 4, 2008

prim stitching

Finally... I'm posting some stitching; my stitching. Here are pictures of a finished (but not finish-finished) Primitive Bettys Hallow's Eve design. I stitched Hallow's Eve on 28 ct Lambswool linen using GAST Black Crow (how appropriate for the piece) but used a GAST Limited Edition color called Arizona Petrified Wood for the key only. I wanted the key to have an even "primitiv-ier" old look. Instead of using coffee or tea I used a distress stain made especially for needlework to age the linen. It was the first time I used the solution, and even though I am pleased with my first attempt, I know I'll get better with experience...thankfully!

My plan for this piece is to make a wall-hanging. The fabrics in the photo are the 2 fabric pieces I'm going to use for boarders. The off white fabric is so cute. It has little black keys, which is perfect for this particular design. The focus fabric is a simple primitive green. This will edge the key fabric that'll edge the Hallow's Eve design. Once pieced together, much like making a quilt, I will sew and/or glue black cording around the entire finish-finished piece and have enough length to allow for cording. Voila!!! I can't wait for this to be complete.


Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Very nice! I haven't stitched this one yet, but it's in my folder to do. I missed Halloween this year, but there's always next.

Petra said...

Beautiful piece...the fabrics will complement them perfectly.