Monday, November 24, 2008


Every weekend starting Fridays, the SNG (you can join too!) I belong to pick out any "quickie" and get it all stitched over the weekend. The rule is it has to be primitive and/or antique at least (hence the Stacy Nash Group - primitive designs). Afterwards, we share it with the group, admire each other's work through photographs, and chat. So far so good... I've managed to complete both of mine. We just started the quick-stitch weekend 2 weeks ago and we're all lookin' good. I am happy to report that I'm on track. Yay!!!

I have finally finish-finished my first quick-stitch piece from the previous weekend. As a refresher, it was
Tanya's Prim Friends Gather design. I decided to make it into a floss tag. In fact, I had never heard of a floss tag or seen one since before blogging in October. Now, here I am ~ waiting to stitch up a ton of those little thingies. I got to use my Crop-A-Dile for the first time too and I was really excited about using it.

Just as a reminder, here is what my "prim" piece looked like before finishing, all stitched up, and coffee-dyed.

As of today, here is my finished "prim" piece without the floss attached. Check out my brass eyelets ~ first time too. :-)

When I saw this red toile fabric at Michael's I had to get it. I instantly thought of my Prim Friends Gather piece I had stitched and thought it would compliment the fabric. Even though the lady is alone, she is plucking fruit from the tree to "gather" for a feast, I bet! I also choose this fabric because of its depiction of life once primitive. If you could see the rest of the fabric...ummmm; it is just gorgeous...and surprisingly so - it did come from Michael's. (I still need to go to a quilt/fabric store. Grrrrrrrr)

Lastly, here is the completely finished Prim Friends Gather with floss attached. I am quite proud of this piece too. I was really happy with my whip stitch and that I was able to make all four corners neat and round...and I was really pleased!

Prim Friends Gather
designer: Tanya Marie Anderson of
The Sampler Girl
stitched by: Julie (me)
DMC Floss used
32 count Antique linen ~ then coffee-dyed for aged look

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Solstitches said...

Great job on the floss tag Julie.
I tried one and it didn't look good but I think maybe the eyelets were not deep enough.
I adore toile fabric. The fabric you found for the back of your tag is very pretty.