Saturday, November 22, 2008

barn yard fun for little toddler

Cameron's 1st birthday was August 30. We had a fun little time with family and friends. My Cousin Kari lives in Ohio and wasn't able to get Cameron's present here in time. She just had her second child about 6-7 months ago and has been extremely busy adjusting to being a second time around mommy. Her plate is rather full at the moment. I know she had every intention of getting something for Cameron sooner rather than later, but it doesn't matter to ~ it's the thought that counts.

While my Mom was in Ohio she visited my Aunt and Cousin. Cousin Kari had a gift for Cameron and we couldn't be more appreciative of her thinking of Cameron and wanting him to have something from her family for his birthday. Cameron loves his Little People Barn Yard. It makes animal noises when you open the doors and it is just adorable ~ it's right up Cameron's alley. He loves putting the animals and the farmer and our telephone (ugghhh) into the silo. Here's some pictures of him opening his gift from Cousin Kari, Cousin Ray, and little-little cousins Austin and Alex.

Afterwards, Cameron chilled out and then played some more.

Thanks guys for thinking of Cameron on his birthday! I really appreciate your sending a gift down to us for him. He loves the barn yard! We love you!

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