Tuesday, November 11, 2008

recently I...

...watched a horror film and was scared
...received 3 Jane Austen books
...had friends over for dinner and we had a really nice time
...noticed Cameron recognizing that he had #2 in his diaper and he's informing me of it now
...heard that my next door neighbor's house was broken into and robbed during the day and I was home when it happened
...went to mom's house
...laughed my butt off watching DH put up cafe rods on the wall - it was a scream
...got angry with one of my dogs (Lily) because she ate the last 7-layer brownie that I was planning to eat right before settling down to stitch in bed
...received some good advice from a friend
...have only had 2 headaches in the last week which is a relief
...was truly disappointed by the outcome of the election
...was given an old embroidered babies blanket that belonged to my grandmother - what a keepsake
...cleaned the house and did laundry
...said a prayer for my grandma who is in pain
...watched my DH break into our own home because we couldn't get in
...took Cameron to the doctor for a post-check on his head injury - he is A-OK
...went with my DH to a meeting about life insurance
...started stitching a Little House Needleworks piece on a vintage linen (so pretty)
...continue to stitch on my Stacy Nash piece and enjoy my SNG on Yahoo!
...went to my LNS for a Sit 'n Stitch night
...watched a movie with Jose and ate popcorn
...moved a piece of artwork from my living room to my bedroom and moved 2 Persian prayer rugs to the living room from my bedroom - they are better homes for these piece
...went to Michael's with Cameron and bought eyelets so I can make floss tags; bought a fat quarter of red toile; Cameron got a stuffed puppy named 'Piper'; bought a few tablets of paper for me and mom
...cleared my house of poisonous plants
...watched Cameron remove the vent floor covers and yell down below; he's starting to put things down there too
...had to switch on the heat in the house; it is getting chilly outside
...transfered seasonal clothing from our closets to storage

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