Friday, November 14, 2008

quilt talk

I learned how to machine quilt 4-5 years ago from my Aunt Pam. Unfortunately, I haven't made too many quilts since then. Funnily enough, by learning to quilt I also learned new and different ways to "finish" projects ~ not just on quilts. For instance, the one quilt I did complete was for my late mother-in-law, Barbara, or Barb as I called her. I made it for her for Christmas one year. I hand sewed the binding and by learning that step I have been able to use that same technique and complete scissor fobs, needlebooks and many other smalls.

The quilt I made is called Friendship Star ~ my very first completed quilt ever. The colors are some of her favorites ~ she loved fall time. After her death, my FIL gave the quilt back to its creator which I'm glad he did. After many MIL/DIL debates we actually became friends and not just a "married to the family" kind of relationship. I felt it appropriate to make a quilt that represented her colors, her favorite season and our blossoming friendship. I miss her so much!

I have other finished and unfinished quilts to share, which I'll share at another time, but I needed to get Barb's quilt out there. There are other WIPS that will require the quilting techniques I learned from my very talented Aunt to which I owe a great amount of gratitude. Without these lessons and many, many long distance quilt chats, I would only have half the knowledge I possess about quilts...and finishing.


At the Honeysuckle Tree said...

Wow, Julie! That is impressive. If I tried to make those shapes - well, let's just say, I couldn't. I love quilting but I tend to lean toward squares. LOL

Love it!


Carolyn said...

Beautiful quilt, Julie! I LOVE to piece the tops, but have yet to master the quilting part. Soooo...I have piles of unfinished quilts. Maybe one day.

What a wonderful memory you have of your MIL. I'm glad it was returned to you. :)

Carolyn :)

Petra said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! I love the colors you's beautiful!
How did your stitching get together go? I had to chuckle with Cameron sleeping in bed...I also put the large pillow on the side so James doesn't fall over the side...such an easy solution right?
Be good,

Petra said...

Check out my blog, you've been tagged!