Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Okay, I last left off writing about Saturday in previous posts. Now I have to write about Sunday because it is a sore issue. Our Sunday started off as most of our Sundays usually do. Finished breakfast, cleaned up from that and got the home ready for the day...opening blinds, making beds, getting myself and everyone else dressed. In the meantime while I complete my daily routine I check in on my boys. As you can tell, they are really busy. Jose at his normal game-playing. He recently got a Wii console game and has not stopped since getting it.

That white wire thingie that Jose is holding is the actual controller to the game system. Weird!!!

Naturally, here comes Mr. Cameron to destroy all of Jose's gaming progress. Headed right for the TV.

Cameron is doing his usual thing: causing destruction throughout the house as he picks apart everything he touches; including throwing everything he puts his little hands on. Ugggg..I can't wait until this throwing thing goes away because I'm about to move out because of it.

Throwing diapers again...but at least they are unused this time.

This child never seems to play like other kids.

Okay, so everything started out as it normally does. For the afternoon I planned on finishing my quick-stitch weekend piece and posting that to my SNG on Yahoo! and doing mommy things. I had maybe 1-2 loads of laundry to finish which is no skin off my nose ~ that's light considering. Jose even did some chores (shocking!); Cameron had taken his morning nap and life was good. I'd say it was around 2:00 when life itself took a mean, ugly turn into the depths of hell.

We have 3 dogs; Chloe (6), Lily (4), and Lucy (2). They were all outside playing in our large backyard and Jose was with them. Chris and I were in the kitchen and we had an eye on what was going on outside. The dogs were getting rambunctious, as they usually do when playing with Jose. Things started escalating and Lily started jumping on Chloe. This is a problem. Chloe suffers from a crippling disease that separates her nerves from her joints and other ailments that don't allow her much standing or walking capability. She is slowly losing her ability to walk, run and most everything else. She isn't in pain, but she's losing her coordination. So, Lily is trying to jump on her and Jose is trying to help Chloe by keeping Lily off. We decide we need to intervene and bring Chloe inside - she just can't be doing this type of horse play anymore.

Lily on left. Chloe on right. (taken 2006)

Lucy-Lu (aka: mean girl)

As I'm walking out the back door and on my way to rescue Chloe, Lily takes one more chance to leap and gets Chloe to the ground. For some unknown reason, she started biting Chloe on the neck. She was thrashing her head about like a shark. I screamed for DH and he went running and separated the dogs and we get Chloe inside. She is badly injured. Injured so bad that she needs emergency medical attention. So, off me and Jose went with Chloe in tow to the Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic. DH stayed home with Cameron. Chloe's injuries could be a lot worse. Surprisingly, no arteries, tissue, muscles, or veins were punctured. Chloe's skin was badly torn and ripped, but no blood loss other than what was pooling around the opening.

Me and Jose were at the pet ER for a couple hours and they took Chloe back for blood work and surgery. She did really well, but needed a tube inserted in her neck for draining purposes. This is to avoid infection and abscess. She still has the tube in her neck, but this Friday it'll be removed. She was stitched up elsewhere, given a couple shots for pain and inflammation, and prescribed an antibiotic. We had to leave Chloe while she was during surgery because her surgery would take an hour, but then recovery would take a few hours. I wasn't able to pick Chloe up until 8:45 that night. In the meantime, I realized how much this was going to cost and it wasn't going to be pretty. I was also overcome with concerns for Lily. What do we do about this? We love our dogs, but what does someone do?

Anyway, I thought I need to get a job to help pay for this. This can't be less than a $1,000.00 and we cannot afford this type of cost. While Chloe was in surgery I drove to Joann's and asked for a job application. I couldn't fill out the application there because Jose was with me, so we headed home and waited for the doggy doctor to call us on her status. Dinner time was quiet with the exception of Cameron's screams and giggles ~ nothing spoils his mood.

I have added a few photos of Chloe's injuries before we went to the pet ER and a few pictures of Chloe after her surgery. Here is a link. If you are sensitive towards bloody-type images, please don't go and look. There are 2 of these types of photos and 3 post-op photos. There are other good photos of my dogs though and they are worth looking at. Chloe's post-surgery aren't that bad besides images of stitches and a tube coming from her neck for draining.

I was glad when this day ended. Tuesday night was the first time we were able to have the dogs in the same room. We just weren't sure how they'd feel about each other since their unfortunate event. They were actually happy to see and smell each other. They've been sleeping with each other as they are right now while I type.

Right now
The verse underneath them is so telling of their friendship.

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