Monday, November 17, 2008


Saturday was a very busy day. First, I am upset with Michael's, or at least my Michael's. My plan for Saturday was to go to Michael's to purchase frames. I had a 50% off coupon and it expired Saturday so this was my last chance to use it. I was pretty excited. I knew what I wanted, but I looked and looked and looked and I found nothing of what I read about on my Yahoo! group. I guess my g-friends have a better Michael's than I. I was just really upset. From now on, I think I may look for frames at Big Lots, Goodwill and/or a dollar store. I was really fed up after leaving Mike's.

I didn't totally leave empty handed. Oh no!!! I bought an 18"x21" piece of white, pre-eyelet lacy fabric with a beautiful floral vine as print. I have no idea what I'm going to use it for, but I didn't care. I had to have it! BUT, what I'm most excited about is that I purchased the Crop-A-Dile. This thing was $34.99 and I used my 50% coupon on it ~ Fantastic deal, wouldn't you say?!?! It may not be the BIG MAMA, but it is the BIG SISTER and I'm happy and cannot wait to start punching my way through stuff.

After Mike's I went to my LNS because of the neighborhood Holiday Happenings. At least 20 local business were having savings and specials and participating in charities. At my LNS, they showcased a local crafter who was displaying her many handmade crafts, one being her hand sewn Baked Potato Bag. There were several motifs to chose from. I didn't get one for myself, but I bought my mother one. She loves Tuscan-style decor and thought this was appropriate for her. The other side has grapes and fields and such (see photo below).

I also bought one skein of Crescent Colours - Bandana but I'm not going to photo that. I'm using it on a Little House Needleworks design. I'll post a progress report at some point with photos of my WIPS. I'm so behind right now. After the trip to my LNS I needed to go Krogering. I hate Krogers! In fact, I hate going to the grocery store in general. I digress; I finally made it home but not until 3:25, which was too late because I needed to be at my LNS for the Moonlight Stitching I was signed up for at 4:00. However, I hadn't seen Cameron all day and I needed to put away groceries, hug and love the baby, regroup my person, get my stuff together, and I had not eaten all day. (I left the house at 10:30 that morning.)

Finally, I made it to my LNS by 4:15. Not bad considering...but it also helps that the LNS is only 5 minutes from my home. YAY!!!! There were 2 new stitchers to the group. Their names were Julie and Jo and live in Nashville. They were pleasant and fun to stitch with. Jo was knitting socks and Julie was stitching up a pillow. My regular g-friends were there; Sally and Susan. We always have fun stitching together and we've grown closer over the last year, which fills my heart even more. In January 2009, Sally, Susan, my mother and I are going to St. Augustine, Florida for a
Susan Greening Davis beach weekend getaway. We are so excited!!! I've been there once when I was pregnant with Cameron and had a really good time, but I also battled morning sickness and that wasn't fun on a plane, but the beach was fabulous - stitching by the beach is something everyone should add to their "bucket list." My friend, Sally, is a HUGE Jane Austen and tea drinking fan so I introduced her to The Sampler Girl. We were able to get online at the shop and I gave her a tour of Tanya's place. She loved it!

I had to browse the store, as always. You can't leave there and not make a purchase. There is nothing nicer than to skirt around your local shop after hours. It's wonderful!!! Before my introduction into primitive stitching I never thought to look for such items at the shop. Now that I'm quite aware and well informed that's all I looked for. I wanted to share what I bought. Unfortunately, I am on a budget and wasn't able to buy everything. I was able to buy one chart and a few little extra inexpensive things. Here are those items.

Basket for $10.00

Matte board for $.50 each

Frame for $1.00 (better than Michael's could offer)

This speaks for itself. I bought fabric, but not what was called for.

Embroidery iron-on transfers under $1.25. I couldn't pass this up ~ Colonial Girls, c'mon!!

Our make-it and take-it project. I actually finished mine this time. YAY!!

My Moonlight Stitching experience:

The evening ended at 10:00 and I went home. The DH was babysitter this day and night. Unfortunately, when I got home I had a house to clean...back to being mom again!

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