Thursday, November 13, 2008

parent/teacher/student meeting

Today DH and I had a meeting with Jose's teachers and Jose. Lately we've been struggling to get Jose to complete his homework and turning those assignments in. Every year we seem to have this issue, but by the end of the school year things turn around and look bright again. Jose always passes, but as the school year goes on he tends to get lazy and chooses not to do his work. He acts like school is an option instead of a mandatory part of life. He can do the work. He would be a straight-A student, but he is choosing not to do the work.

I hate these types of meetings. It's difficult sitting there with teachers around and trying to find a resolution to your child's setbacks. It's heartbreaking when things don't go the way you hoped they would for your child(ren). I've always told Jose that he has two responsibilities as a child. 1) go to school and do your work, and 2) have fun and be a kid; enjoy your childhood.

Anyway, the meeting was a success and ended on positive notes. We just hope that Jose took from it what we took from it. Jose is such a good kid. I'm sure most mothers say this about their child(ren) whether they are or not, but Jose is a really good kid. I've never met a child as compassionate and caring as Jose. He cares about others before he begins to care about himself. He worries so when others are struggling or are ill. He either wants to do something nice or buy a feel-good gift. He's remarkable in such a way that I've never seen.

School story...When Jose was in 2nd grade he had a wonderful teacher named Mrs. Vinson ~ Jose had her 3 times throughout elementary. He probably had a bit of a crush on her in the end. When she was pregnant with her first child Jose was the only student she had that asked her how she was doing, how she was feeling and how her unborn baby was. She knew at that point that Jose was special and that he was the most loving little boy she had ever met. On his very last day of elementary school, Mrs. Vinson pulled us aside and said to us "I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but I feel compelled to. Out of all my students over the last 4 years I am going to miss Jose the most. He's been my little guy". We really appreciated Mrs. Vinson for telling us this. During those past four years Jose matured on so many levels. Jose had many ups and downs, and he endured more pain than most boys his age and we believe that because of her Jose became a better student, a better person, a better kid. We know Jose misses her to this day and he'll never forget her. We miss Mrs. Vinson too.

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