Friday, November 7, 2008

movie night

Me and DH rarely get to watch movies together. Normally it is because he falls fast asleep and I'm left to hold my own (as I usually do). However, tonight we've watched a horror film and I typically do not watch these alone. I love horror films. I love being scared, but there is something about real life stories or true events that really scare me to the core. In fact, I find true event horror films absolutely terrifying. When it's something that has really happened it's disturbing and at times tortuous, which this movie is. The Strangers in this movie are insane, out of their minds, total terrorists. There were times my body got warm because of adrenaline racing through my body. At other times I had a lump in my throat from complete awe of what I was witnessing happening to these poor people. If you want to be terrified and never want to answer your door again, see this movie.


Carol R said...

I love horror movies but have to watch them during the daytime otherwise I have nightmares What a wuss eh?

Petra said...

I can't watch horror movies or anything with real life no no no no...I run away!

Julie said...

Petra, we own all the Alien movies with Sigourney Weaver. My 11 year old loves aliens and has seen all the Alien movies as well. He's such a fan of the sci-fi. We watch Ghost Hunters. Have you watched that? Now that can get really creepy.