Saturday, November 29, 2008

thoughts on the matters

Movin' on up! Cameron officially met a major milestone over Thanksgiving and made it onto the dining room chair without assistance. Yay (complete sarcasim)! Me and DH were sitting at the dining table and Cameron was quietly pushing one chair around which is normal for him to do. I guess we were in la-la land, or our hearing impaired, but the next we knew Cameron was much louder and really close to my ear. I turned my head to the right and there he was 6" from my ear with the biggest most accomplished grin to date for him. I was surprised and happy for his triumph, but my mood fell immediately to dread. I said to DH that this wasn't good; we're going to have to start putting the chairs on the dining table. far we haven't had to do that, but give him time that Mr. Cameron...give him time!

Black Friday ~ we did not observe this day. Even though I initially wanted to do a little shopping I felt a little under the weather in the morning. I felt better as the mid-morning, afternoon kicked in but I had to get Jose from his Nana's house. While at Mom's I did get to eat Thanksdiving dinner for lunch...and it was GOOD!!! Afterwards, I spent about 2 hours going through all her charts while slamming down a brownie. Mom has soooooooooo many charts! It's heaven. Then Jose and I headed home.

Now my mind is focused (more like overwhelmed and flooded) on the Christmas/Winter season. It'll be here before we know it and I haven't even attempted to shop for gifts. This is my family's second year picking names from a hat. The kids are excluded of course, but us "big kids" pick a name and set a spending limit. Last year it was $25.00 which we thought was reasonable and we'll probably implement again this year.

We purchased a very small artificial tree from Home Depot for $4.99. I believe it is a 2-3 footer. Sad, I know. In fact, I think it is really intended to be a table-topper decor item. It isn't what I necessarily have in mind to take the place of a Christmas Tree, but with Cameron's monkey-ing ways we'll be miserable for a month with a 6-7 foot tree embellished with all the trimmings. It'll just be a complete mess and a disaster in our living room. Ornaments will get broke and torn, lights mangled and removed, and garland in places I don't want to imagine. We'll probably get a glimpse of Cameron dangling from tree branches if we're lucky. In the end, it just isn't worth all that chaos. Jose is disappointed but we all are. We figure though it is just a tree. The real blessing is each other...and presents! :-)

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