Friday, November 7, 2008

I see people now...

I know this is a goofy post, but I'm just so darn excited that I've been blessed with the gift of sight. To make a long story short...I had a pair of glasses when I was 17 and the only reason I had these glasses were to see the chalkboard at school. I didn't need them to drive or to read. Over the years I've somehow, someway, managed to keep those glasses. In the last 6 months to a year, my eyesight has gotten profusely worse. I've been having a, lack for a better term, focusing issues. It's just gotten bad. I can't focus on anything and we believe that some of my migraine pain is due to my eyes. Just last week I had my eyes checked and found that I have astigmatism in both eyes. AH!!! No wonder I can't focus on anything and I get headaches. My eyes cannot focus on anything I look at and my brain is on the fritz because of it. It was one of those Ah-Ha moments...Anyhoo, I wanted to show off my new eyes. They are rectangular, plastic and lightweight (to relieve any pressure on my nose and temples), brown in front with light green behind the brown rim. On the side, there is a twirling cut-out where the green shows through. I really, really like them. And so far, I've been told at least 4 times that I look like Gov. Sarah Palin. Funny! I don't look anything like Sarah Palin and our glasses are totally different with the exception of being rectangular. Other than that, no comparison. Oh well!


At the Honeysuckle Tree said...

Great specs! I have glasses I wear for stitching, reading and typing. It's so nice to be able to see, isn't it? LOL


Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Well, I have glasses so I can see far away and glasses so I can see close up. Yes, I'm on the highway to bi-focals.