Friday, November 7, 2008

precious moments

This morning at 8:20 I was sitting at the dining room table replying and sending email, drinking a cup of coffee, listening to talk radio, stitching on my Stacy Nash piece off and on, and enjoying the sounds of my little one playing peacefully in the vicinity. This was a good start to my day. All of a sudden I hear silence. Now, we all know that when a child is quiet more than likely they are into something. This can't be good, I thought. I looked around and I spotted him. What a sight it was. There he was under the dining room table sleeping with Blue Bear peacefully at my feet. I had to capture this moment forever.

{sweet dreams my baby boy}

1 comment:

Petra said...

What a beautiful boy!
You are blessed...I love when they fall asleep where ever they like.
Enjoy each moment.