Tuesday, November 11, 2008

what's up with cameron's head these days?

Some know that Mr. Cameron took a nasty spill on the 2nd of November. He really bonked his head something terrible. In fact, so terrible that it warranted taking him to the ER just to be sure there was no internal damage. I took him to the ER, he had a CT scan and he checked out perfectly fine, with the exception of having a really humongous knot on his forehead. I will save you the gorey details and spare you the image of Cameron's poor little head. Anyway, after much debate my DH conjured up a pretty nifty way to protect Cameron's head from further undue stress and harm. DH searched long and hard and found the perfect solution... one of Jose's old bike helmets. These photos are priceless. I don't know if my child is a genius or just dumb but he realized immediately what the helmets' purpose was and started banging his head on the stinking door. Let me tell you...what a bugger that Mr. Cameron is! What is cute about the helmet is that he reminds me of Dark Helmet in the Mel Brooks film Spaceballs ("Make way for Dark Helmet", taken from the movie Spaceballs). After trying out the bike helmet, they decided to make things even better (ohh goody!) and put Cameron in a basket and slide him around the house as if in a race car. We have video, but I won't bore you to tears. I just can't keep up. These boys are driving me out of my mind, but I love, love, love them all the same. :-)

[No baby was harmed in the photographing of these pictures. And no, Cameron will not be wearing this bike helmet for real...but it would be a good idea, wouldn't it?.?.]

*Special Note: Thanks to everyone who cared so much about my little boy. I received so many thoughtful comments and I appreciate each and everyone one of you.


Petra said...

He's such a cutie!

At the Honeysuckle Tree said...

I bought those same Carters pjs for Zack 2 weeks ago!! Cute pictures :o)


Julie said...

Thanks so much Petra and Tanya!

Tanya, we must be savvy shoppers. Those Carter clothes are a good deal and really cute.