Wednesday, November 5, 2008

primitive stitching

I have started my very first Stacy Nash Primitive design called Hallows Eve Sampler Pillow. I haven't stitched much on it, but to see it with your own eyes, even at the small amount of stitching I have done, you can see what it'll become and it just makes you hungry. Once I post this little tid-bit, I'll be off to bed, put in a movie and stitch on my SN design. Oh, I'm so happy!!! Yeah, I know...Halloween is over but I don't need Halloween to display my SN piece. Do you???

I also have at least 3 other SN designs that I'm going to begin and I cannot wait to get my supplies together and in order ~ I find this part particularly fun. It gives me a chance to see what I have. Kind of like a constant reminder of what I own and what I need. I see it as an opportunity to incorporate concepts not originally called for in the piece. But I digress, it isn't that I'd want to make any changes to Stacy's designs but I think any designer would be satisfied and pleased with any needleworker putting personal touches in a piece that was theirs. I think to give that much thought into a project is giving the designer a lot of credit. The needleworker feels empowered and motivated by the designer to think outside the box and add their own personality to an already perfect piece.