Tuesday, November 4, 2008

recently I...

...took my 1-year old to the ER because he fell and cracked his head on our foyer tile
... enjoyed Jose, my 11-year old, deciding for his Halloween to not dress up and go trick-or-treating; instead he wanted to eat Mexican food and go to his first haunted house ever...he was really scared and doesn't want to go back, but at least he went (I'm proud of him for that)
...have been suffering from relentless migraines - at least 4 per week
...got new glasses and was told twice that I resemble Gov. Sarah Palin
...plucked acorns from my mother's front yard that have fallen from the giant oak trees (fall time is so beautiful)
...did the laundry, but haven't cleaned the house yet
...finished stitching Primitive Bettys Hallows Eve freebie I received from my SNG
...brainstormed ideas on how to finish the Hallows Eve piece
...have been spending a lot of time at my mother's house hanging out in her stitching room
...had a sleep-over at my mother's house with my 2 sons - we had a nice time
...had dinner with my father-in-law, his lady friend and all my boys, DH included
...watched Mr. Cameron kick through fallen leaves for the first time - he loved the noise it made
...took Cameron to the library and wished our experience was a little more pleasant
...made new friends through Yahoo! Groups
...searched and shopped at the Goodwill Store and had sooooo much fun doing it
...began stitching Stacy Nash Primitives Hallows Eve Sampler Pillow - WAHOO!
...have been inspired to create and invent, and have found that inspiration in the oddest places
...have chosen to start stitching The Sampler Girl's Plimoth piece for Election Day
...visited with an old high school friend for dinner
...watched a couple of movies
...haven't slept well because Mr. Cameron hasn't been himself since his head injury
...have taken interest in researching Tennessee's state history
...picked out a few books to start reading in the near future
...took a ride in the Cobra Mustang with my DH (this is a joy-ride vehicle ONLY)
...went to my LNS and browsed
...refreshed my way of organizing my inventory and stash of needlework charts, accessories, etc.
...had a laugh-fest with Jose - we laughed so hard about absolutely nothing and it was great :-)


Petra said...

Hope Cameron is feeling better soon!

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

poor Cameron. Poor mama. Sounds as though you've been rather busy lately. Lots going on in your world.