Saturday, November 22, 2008

movie review: bond

I liked it!!! It was by far the most action-packed, energetic Bond films ever done. Daniel Craig played 007 perfectly. As my Mother said coming out of the theater "When he walks into a room, he looks like he's looking for a fight." This James Bond is perfect. There was far more man-to-man combat than anything else. My only surprise is that James Bond is getting away from the technology of James Bond. I'm used to seeing Little Nelly and that amazing watch that seems to showcase any explosive devise known to man, but the "now" James Bond doesn't seem to be harbouring these types of mechanics.

This movie is still worth seeing. I even caught myself getting a little teary-eyed at one to two parts. I just felt bad for the guy. Everytime 007 got cleaned up from a fierce and bloody man-to-man battle, he was in another battle. Every where I turned, James was getting into some sort of fight, but he definitely holds his own. In fact, I kept thinking that this guy never quits. He is jumping off buildings, out of planes and everything in between. I just love James Bond and I really liked this film. It kept me entertained and on my toes.

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