Wednesday, November 26, 2008

mombiz and just chatting

Me and the boys were driving to my Mom's house Tuesday and her neighborhood is set in the woods on narrow roads. It's gorgeous out there, nonetheless. We all notice what happens to leaves on the road when a car sweeps over them. They blow all over, don't they? That's how I always noticed them before, but this experience was different. While driving to Mom's there was a vehicle in front of me and every time he drove over the leaves they danced like there was no tomorrow. I paid such close attention to the bouncing that the last 1/2 mile was a blur. I was so mesmerized by the actions of the leaves. It was simply beautiful.

It has gotten cold around here. Monday it rained and it was miserable outside. Grey and dreary, windy and cold, and I had to take Chloe back to the vet. My mom was kind enough and offered to come watch both the boys while I ran around with the dog. Jose is off school this week for fall break. He goes back to school Dec. 1, then 3 weeks after the 1st he's off for winter break.

The boys act silly when they are couped up in the house and can't get out...or is it just because they are boys?!?! Cameron has had no accidents lately and that's a beautiful thing. He finally got over his little cold. Jose has a terrible cough, but is happy to be on his break. Cameron and Jose have been playing a lot together lately. I think it's because Cameron has hit a milestone of game playing. He's playing hide-n-seek and chase with Jose. He has started to play with specific toys we've had but he never took much interest in until now. And for some really odd reason, Cameron has been putting a small bucket on his head and it stays there. It's like a shirt for him or something. It's a scream!! He's changing so much ~ time just flies by.

Here's Cameron playing with Daddy. He's really starting to like this shoulder thing. Check out his cheesy little grin...both of them. lol
Here's the 'bucket-head' himself. We don't know why he puts this thing on his head, but he loves it. He becomes a different baby once this thing is placed upon his bruised little noggin. It's not even a bucket. I think it's an old plastic container or something like that. Enjoy these photos of my extremely, like-dad, Mr. Cameron. Cameron even thinks he's a hoot!

And again...climbing on things that will cause injury. I can't tell you how many times he's slipped off the back of his highchair. He moves the chair out from the wall in order to mess with the straps on the back and climb on the lower pole. Check out that old bruise in the center of his forehead. He's still recovering from hitting his head.

He puts this thing on his head and thinks he's pretty hilarious. It's like he does it to make us laugh. Hey, maybe he'll be the next Jerry Seinfeld or Friends creator. You never know...

Here is Cameron yelling for fun (maybe for him).

He was actually scooting his bum and hips with this one. He was doing that sweet baby babbling.

Baby of a 1000 faces.

I asked Cameron to give me a smile and this is what I got. A screeching, open-mouthed little monkey ~ now climbing up the front of the highchair.

These boys had such a dandy little time together. They played for a good solid hour. It is these moments I'm proud I became a mama. And don't ask me about Cameron's helmet. He likes having it on.

Sorry about Jose's eyes ~ he's creeping me out!!! His eyes remind me of Tanya's raccoon (you had to be there - heehee).

Don't ask me why Jose is throwing up hand gestures ~ he more than likely has no idea what he's doing...and that's okay by me. He's cute anyway though...Jose is being Jose and that's all I ever ask.

Best buds ~ hanging out near Mama.

DH is sitting back and watching Helmet-Head (aka Dark Helmet) run around in a circle through our house. He is actually chasing Jose accompanied by his popper which sounds awful after 20 minutes of constant popping action.

Cameron, again, running around the house chasing Jose and knowingly entertaining the rest of us. He runs around, screaming, yelling and laughing while his chubby little cheeks shake about his face. In the meantime, we keep telling him "careful Cameron!". Hence, why we have the helmet on his head. When he starts running, we get to action and get that handy little bike helmet. You don't know how many times this child has fallen and hit his head since we started putting that helmet on. Too many to count. The helmet has actually helped quite a bit. He only has it on when he gets a wild hair (or Jose comes home from school) and starts jumping and running. Better safe than sorry.

He'll be comin' around the corner when he comes...he'll be comin' around the corner when he comes...

Such a focused little guy. He used to not play with that popper before and now he won't put it down. On Tuesday he was holding it up above his head with one arm and making this funny little grunting noise. He must have thought he was a weightlifter or something. It was cute.

(3 photos above) Cameron has found a little hiding place for himself. This little floor niche is in our kitchen (duh! - hit myself over head). At first he was crawling in here. Now he runs in there so it looks pretty weird when you're looking at him from the side. It reminds me of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

Well, that about raps up the latest pictures of my boys. You even got a itty bitty glimpse of DH. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I cannot wait to be around family and eating a delicious feast that my Mother is preparing. Jose has been spending the night at my Mom's since Tuesday so when we ALL go home tomorrow evening, I'm sure Mom will be exhausted.
I hope everyone has a blessed and memorable Thanksgiving. Be careful if you're driving and traveling. It gets pretty bad out there on the roadways. As far as Friday till you drop!!!!

Good night Everyone! Sleep tight.

Happy Thanksgiving! Going to Mom's tomorrow. Mmm Mmm Good!

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