Thursday, February 12, 2009

progress not perfection

I am progressing beautifully with my new (adaptation) system for current rotations. By today’s end it will be my 4th day in the rotation. I’ve become so quickly successful that I actually finished a project last night and I’m so happy about it. I’ve already chosen a project to put in Wednesday’s place ~ I am excited to see it again! It’s a punchneedle design that is almost completely punched called Pig and Chicken by Hooked on Rugs. Its folk art and so cute! All that's left to punch is the background which has already been started.

punched on plain weaver's cloth & used WDW cotton threads

(this is the back to which you work from)

(started November 4, 2008)

(right now)
28 ct Vintage Country Cream by Lakeside Linens & used Crescent Colours Bandana

Vintage Country Cream

I finished up Schoolgirl Lessons by LHN. I started this November 4, 2008 and because of its small size and being stitched monochromatically this should have been done a looooong time ago. I’m so embarrassed about it. See, this is why I need a reliable rotation system. So far, I think this is going to work wonderfully for me. My mother may even adopt this same system. Good for her because she probably has more UFO’s than I do. :o)

Yesterday afternoon and into last night I worked on cleaning up my crafting area. It’s been such a mess and a catchall place for months. It has been a disgrace and completely unlike me. But now it is clean and ready to use…for now. I’m still not done though. I need to install two wired shelves above my work station so I can access my more commonly used supplies and stash instead of them being shoved into closed doors and cabinets where they are not easily accessible. In addition to cleaning the mess, I rearranged two pieces of furniture in this space. I moved my sewing machine table next to the craft table and the cabinet that was once there is now where the sewing machine table used to stand. I like it so much better this way; however, I need better lighting or more lighting rather.

Be The Sampler Girl
28 ct. Jobelan Sand Castle & using DMC

Today is really nice out ~ high is 65 and sunny with a bit of overcast. It is Thursday so that means I’ll be stitching on Be Still…by The Sampler Girl. I’m almost done with this so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get this stitched up today. Wish me luck!

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Barbara said...

I love your rug hooking project!! :D WOW!