Thursday, February 19, 2009

got fabric!?

The last couple days have been all about fabric, fabric, and more fabric which is quite the change for me. Normally I would putter around for cross stitching, but this time has been spent at two fabric/quilting shops. We've also had some really wacky weather. Tuesday it was wet and cold and yesterday it was bright and sunny with the high of 75 degrees. A really nice day to be fabric shopping, in my humble opinion. :o) But today it's freezing outside. We had some stupid cold blast come through last night. I am ready for spring!

Tuesday I visited a never-seen-before (for me) quilt shop with my mom and Cameron. The Quilter’s Attic was truly a quilt shop and it was nice being there (it would have been better without Cameron in tow). Everything was organized and stashed so beautifully. They had a nice, but rather narrow supply of Civil War reproduction fabrics available, but I still came out with some. I especially found a piece of finishing fabric that’ll work wonderfully for Sarah Tobias Pincushion (aka my pincushion) by Blackbird Designs. I am just about done stitching this up and I cannot wait to introduce the fabric to the piece.

The fabric at the top left is the fabric I'm using to finish the pincushion.

I love this sampler style fabric in the beige. I must have been on a blue fabric kick. Not intentionally though.

Here is that beige sampler style fabric unfolded. So, so adorable.

Such a neat little verse. This is actually called The Water's Edge by Blackbird Designs.

My other adventure was yesterday afternoon. First I had lunch with a high school buddy of mine and afterwards went by the Stitcher’s Garden (no website) which is a fabric shop and they have a ton of bolts of fabric. Twelve-thousand (12,000) to be exact! They just recently relocated to a much bigger and much needed space. I walked in and was in heaven! Ahhhhhhhh… They are still organizing so things are still strewn all over, but they are making excellent progress. Once the shelves are completely put up the bolts will be off the floor. Most are displayed, but all the Civil War reproductions were basically on the floor and they were difficult to examine thoroughly. However, I DID come out with some pretty pieces of fabric from that collection and two ¼ yards of the 1930’s reproductions which are really cute.

I absolutely love all this Civil War fabric ~ so lovely!

The green scissor fabric and baby blue circus fabric are 1930's reproduction. Not sure what I'll use the scissor fabric for, but I have the circus fabric in mind for something...I'm still brainstorming.

Everyone knows by now that I have a good relationship with my Aunt Pam and of course I had to call her while I was shopping around the reproduction fabrics. Okay, I did make her a little jealous and that wasn’t my intent, but I had to tell her where I was. She lives in Ohio and hasn’t been to Stitcher’s Garden in quite a few years. I gave her play-by-play of the layout. She was "oooohhhhhhhing" and "ahhhhhhhing" over my comments and descriptions. Hopefully she’ll get to make that trip down here. I would love to sit among the bolts of fabric with dear Aunt Pam.

It has been a week and a half and I’m still crackin’ away on my current rotation. I have actually stayed true to my list. I love it! I anticipate each day and that leaves me feeling fulfilled with ALL my projects. I’m getting soooo close to finishing at least 2 in the next week and I’m content over that mere thought. Wednesday I punched away on my Pig and Chicken by Hooked on Rugs. I'm just about done with them. I’m getting so close that I can almost smell the pork and taste the poultry. Yum!

I'm a mouse! I love cheese ~ munch munch!

We're not sure why he does this, but for some odd reason he likes to eat slices of cheese "in" the fridge.

Cameron getting into my jewelry and make up drawers.

Where's Cameron? -------------------- Here I am!!!

Aside from stitching and crafting until my heart's content, I have so much to do. I have to catch up on the housework. I need to dust something terrible and mop the floors. Glass needs Windex as well. Maybe I'll set up a current rotation for my cleaning duties. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy....that is a good idea! However, I'll leave one day of rest just for me! I'll have a very clean and organized home and all the stitching time I'd ever want. Sounds like I might be getting things in order around here very shortly. Whew!!!!

Back to my coffee, and oh yeah, today is Thursday which means I'll be working on Be The Sampler Girl. Have a beautiful day everyone!


mainely stitching said...

Cameron eating IN the fridge just kills me, it's so funny!! And that sweetly smiling face of his! :D

Your fabrics, however, make me drool with envy all over my keyboard!!

Heidi said...

Too funny to see Cameron eating his cheese in the fridge! Next step is learning how to cut up mommy's fabric for her??? :) I love all your fabric stash. You never need a reason to buy some new things for your stash.

Hugs ~