Friday, February 20, 2009

finishing fridays

I have another finish for 2009! Thursday night I finished Be Still…a freebie by The Sampler Girl. I’ll probably frame it myself or get it framed by my LNS. I added my own personal touches. With one strand over one I back stitched the verse from the Bible under the word “God” and I put my initials and the year in the bottom left hand corner ~ both in matching DMC colors of the word and design. More than likely I am going to hang it by my side of the bed for that much needed “wake-up call" from God each morning. Thanks, Tanya, for thinking of me during this creation! I’ll never forget it.

28 ct Jobelan Sand Castle using called for DMC

This wall space will be Be Still's new home once I frame it ~ right under my Antique Wedding Sampler.

As of this morning I ordered the cutest pendant from Lori over at Farmhouse Notforgotten. It’s called Bluebird Love with Roses. It is so precious! I cannot wait to wear this proudly around my neck, or I could say, “Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder” but it isn’t a broach…or could it be!?! Lori is great to do business with and her artwork is just that; a-r-t-w-o-r-k. Go check out her Etsy shop. She has really lovely handmade items for sale. I AM going to get one of those dolls one of these days. Thank you, Lori, for such an easy and relaxing purchase!

Now that I have finished a cross stitch piece I need something to take Thursday’s rotation place. Now…let’s see….what shall that be? I know! Two years ago me and mom signed up for an ornament club through Mimi’s Attic. We chose any of the ornaments we’d like to stitch, pay a little bit of mullah, submit the order to Mimi’s Attic, and she kits those ornaments and sends them your way. You don’t need the chart because more than likely you have the JCS Ornament issue for that year.

With that being said, I ordered 2007 ornaments awhile back (well obviously – it’s 2009 now – ah!) and wanted 5 from that issue. I need to stitch up an ornament and what better time than to add it to my current rotation now. Sounds only fair, right! LOL I’m going to stitch Winter Love by SamSarah. It’s really sweet ~ one snowman and one snowwoman hugging. Very cute! I’ll start on this next week.

I have decided to name all Fridays “finishing fridays.” I don’t intend to finish-finish every project or even one project; even though that would be nice. No, I’m going to at least make Friday a day that I begin a project to get it finished. I think this will be fun and encouraging. I have many of the supplies on-hand to begin and today is the day. I punched a design by Erica Michaels called Family years ago. It was one of the first punchneedle designs I attempted. I’ve had it punched all this time but never knowing how to finish it it’s been stuck in my “Needs Finishing” container. After looking at my punchneedle books (I own 3 and need more) I finally stumbled onto something. Here’s what my “Family” looks like all punched up but no place to call home yet.

I also have another punchneedle piece all punched and ready to be finished. I already had the finishing idea, supplies and fabric to use. I had every intention of covering a paper/cardboard circular box I bought from Michael’s some years ago and had a sweet little fabric to cover it with and then apply the punchneedle on the lid, but I haven’t gotten around to it. I just recently bought Mod Podge so now I can get started. Whew! What has been wrong with me?!?!

I’m just relieved that thoughts are flooding in with respect to finishing. I have a lot of YOU to thank ~ you are all so inspiring! YOU really uncover buried creativity. Thanks YOU!!!

I have the sweetest baby, I think! He’s very affectionate and loving at such a young young age. Here’s a small video of a special ‘Cameron and Mama moment’. Click 'play' to begin…

I had this post all ready to send when I had to leave to pick up Jose from chess club. On my way home I stopped at my LNS to get a few things. I decided to try another punchneedle and purchased the Cameo needle. I have heard quite the rave on this needle. I've been using the Igolochkoy Russian punchneedle for years now. In fact, this is the needle I learned to punch with. I checked the mail this afternoon and boom! There was a pleasant surprise from my very thoughtful Aunt Pam. As a 'just because' gift she bought me a subscription to the Love of Quilt magazine. I am completely surprised and extremely excited to get this magazine. This is my first subscription to a quilt magazine and I cannot wait to get more. I'll think of my Aunt every time I receive one and it'll make me smile. Thank you, Aunt Pam! I love you!

Contents of the photo are the magazine my aunt bought me, and the items I picked up from my LNS were the Cameo punchneedle, green and purple weaver's cloth, linen banding, 32 ct black Belfast, vintage buttons, and the golden frame was only a $1.00. I'm going to mess the frame up a bit and use it for Be Still.

My rotation piece for today was Hallow's Eve by Stacy Nash, but I haven't even picked up a needle yet today and it's almost 9:30 p.m. Have a good night everyone! Hope to post something tomorrow.


mainely stitching said...

Oh, Julie, I just love the video of Cameron!! He is so CUTE!!!

Your stitching and punching looks fabulous - love how you personalized Tanya's already fab design. :D And hooray on the thoughtful just-because gifts from your wonderful Aunt Pam!!

farmgirl beth said...

Now I know who swiped that pendant right from under my nose! :)

Melissa said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. I'm just catching up with saying hello to people.

Your finished piece looks very nice. I see you've finished your SN Heart already - speedy! I hope to work on mine before the next SN installment comes. Your little guy is adorable.