Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day

When I was younger and in school I remember Valentine's Day being a big deal; even to the boys. What stands out most about those memories was decorating brown paper bags with red and pink hearts made from construction paper and using stickers, feathers, pipe cleaners, and whatever else we could find to decorate our bags and even sometimes Kleenex boxes. Our names would adorn the package and then Valentine's day would arrive. At school we usually taped the bag to the front of our desk and run around the classroom dropping valentine cards and even love notes to the ones we hoped would return the favor. (Do you like me? Circle "yes" or "no". Return please.) Boy did those notes get your heart racing, but there were times the heart would break too. Ahhh, childhood at its fondest!

These days I'm not into Valentine's Day. I really find it silly to spend so much money on gifts like teddy bears, candy, flowers and all that jazz. I admire people that do, but for me I can do without. I much rather just go out for dinner - end of story. Which brings me to our plans for today. My mother is going to watch the boys while my DH and I have dinner at a downtown sushi bar. Just the two of us is extremely rare. In fact, its only happened once in 18 months. It'll be nice to just focus on each other. Afterwards, Cupid will shoot us back into reality where we'll be blessed with the presence of our children and return home.

I hope your Valentine's Day is special and another fulfilling memory is formed with your loved ones.

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