Thursday, February 26, 2009

i love being productive

Baking fabric
Coffee staining
Mod Podging
Fabric sorting

"these are a few of my favorite things..." (this is my effort to sing like Julie Andrews -ahem!)

I have been pretty busy lately and I haven't posted in a couple days because of that. I wanted to have something worth posting so here it goes. I have been in a storm of craft supplies.

I finished 2 projects, yes 2 projects in one week. How's that for having a rotation and sticking to it?!?! I'm very pleased with myself. I even had time to do "extra" projects and I still have more to tackle. Yay!!!

I finished Sarah's ABC Pincushion Tuesday night. I changed Sarah Tobias to my own name (duh!) and stitched '09 at the end. I used a different silk than what was called for ~ I used Kelp by Waterlilies. It turned out really really pretty. The fabric behind the piece is what I am going to use to finish the pillow pincushion.

I finished Pig and Chicken by Hooked on Rugs. I may just frame these two but their fate hasn't been sealed just yet. This was punched on weaver's cloth using WDW and GAST.

Now that I have finished two projects this week, Tuesday and Wednesday are open for something new or something old to fill those days. I think I'll take one project from my WIP's basket and move it to rotation, and I'll start a new project for the remaining open day, even though I shouldn't. :o)

Other than that, I have been crafting up a storm in the last couple days, let me tell you! For the first time ever I took a stab at covering a paper box with fabric and then adorned the top with a punchneedle piece. The punchneedle piece was actually a mini rug design for a dollhouse, but I had other ideas. I even took my fabric-covered box even further and made a little stitchery word ("LOVE") using a piece of white felt and blanket stitching around the edge. I coffee stained the felt, sprayed distressing solution in the bowl, baked it for 5 minutes, pressed it with the iron for a few seconds, and applied it to the side of my box.

I am happy with the results overall. I used Mod Podge to apply the fabric and I used this tutorial to make it all happen. I think I'm going to add twisted cord around the rug edge to soften that up a bit. I used the same piece of fabric that came from the quilt I made my MIL, so the fabric has meaning. I have to give Beth credit for inspiring me to even attempt this project or else I would have never done so. Thanks, Beth!

This is the progress I'm making on the January Primitive Floss Tag by Annemiek (aka The Needle's Content). I dyed the fabric myself with walnut crystals. It's a cute little tag. I'm also waiting patiently for February's tag, but I know that Annemiek is very busy keeping shop and doing her thing. :o)

This is what came in the mail today.

From the Notforgotten Farm, obviously. This little charm is so teeny-tiny and sweet. I can't wait to wear it. I like it so much that I ordered the red saltbox house from Lori this evening.

I've done so much since Saturday. I ironed and planned out my Be Still piece ~ I'm thinkin' I'll lace it onto board instead of using tape. I finally decided the fate of my punchneedle piece Family, and I also went through all my fabric and have chosen a coordinating fabric for it to be mounted on and then framed. It is prim so I like it a lot. I've steamed and pressed all my pieces and are now awaiting Finishing Fridays. :D

I'm still working on re-organizing my crafting area and still there are shelves that need to come down in order for newer and bigger ones to go up. I'm in the process of revising my current rotation too. The rotation is still working, but I'd like to have more than one project per day, but not everyday; just a couple of days a week. Also, my mother and I are in a round robin together and we've chosen to work on Carriage House Samplings' Shores. She is almost done with the first block and I cannot wait to get my hands on this piece. I'll take photos once I receive it from my mom. And here is what I picked up from Market on Sunday.

It's late and I must head off to bed. G-night! Will post Saturday's adventure soon.


karenv said...

Congratulations on your BBD finish! I love the box you made too, it turned out great.

Vonna said...

I should say "productive" is the word! My goodness...everything is just wonderful, I don't think I know where to start...but the changing the Sarah Tobias for your own name was a fantastic idea! Congrats !!!

At the Honeysuckle Tree said...

You have been busy! I like how your name worked into the Sarah Tobias piece - lovely. Great box! I bought some little boxes this morning to paint and make pincushions - hopefully my idea in the head will work in the outcome. LOL


kari and kijsa said...

Congratulations on finishing such great projects- you have been very productive! love the little box!!
kari & kijsa

Annemiek said...

OMG Julie, I just saw your handdyed linen and it is gorgeous! I love that pincushion from Sarah Tobias and may have to start it too.