Sunday, February 15, 2009

the day after

It's Sunday night and I've worked on my designated-day rotation project off and on, along with last minute laundry; and since I cannot show off my Sunday piece because it is a gift for an admiring pair of eyes, I can only give you a ~*hint hint*~ peek.

Waterlilies silk ~ floss used in "secret" project

Piece intentionally blurred

Today was a lazy and quiet day. DH went out to a gun show and was nice enough to go Krogering on his way home (he is a fine fine husband, isn't he?). He picked up quite the young bird for us to eat this chilly and cloudy evening. We had rice and buttered bread with our little chicken.


2 hours later ~ yum yum

The boys have been busy playing independently as well as a team. As most 11 year old boys do, Jose had been in his room most of the day playing video games, with a periodic peek into the rest of the house to see what we were up to. He did manage one chore which was to clean up the dogs' business from the yard and afterwards he fed our beasts (dogs). Here were the boys earlier today playing together.

Cameron really isn't playing...but he thinks he is! LOL

Cameron always has a watchful eye on his big brother. Cameron wants to mimic and copy every single step and move Jose makes. He's watching Jose push the buttons and shift the knobs on the controller. What's funny is that when Jose is at school I have to keep his door closed bc Cameron will surely get into trouble in big brother's room. However, there are times I have to get in there for laundry and pick up and Cameron will immediately grab a remote, turn the TV on, and power on the Xbox 360, Wii, Xbox, Playstation II; you name it Cameron turns it on and starts pushing buttons and shifting knobs...just like big brother! He stands way too close to the TV though.

Monday I have a doctor's appointment with a new neck and spine surgeon. To make a really looooooong story short, I've had chronic back pain for 8 years. I've had all medical makeup work I can possibly have and I've undergone all types of procedures and tests. I've had plenty of diagnosis, but nothing anyone can do about it. I've had to learn pain management and adjust my life accordingly. The only thing my body hasn't gone through with respect to neck and spine is surgery. Lately I have been experiencing the same symptoms as in previous years, but also new ones. Maybe THIS doctor will have the cure once and for all. I'm just hoping that maybe one day in my lifetime there will be something that'll help me.

Tuesday is going to be a much better day - hooray!!! Me and my mother, with Cameron in tow, are going to a quilt store that we've never been to called The Quilter's Attic. I am looking soooo forward to this outing. It's going to be so nice to visit a new store. I've lived here since 1993 and never have I been to this place. Sad, yes, I know ~ you can make fun. I won't hate you! LOL

Here is some tub time with Cameron. He loves loves loves taking baths!

Hey...who's down there?!?!


mainely stitching said...

I'm so glad my (nearly) 11 year old son isn't the only one who seems to live in his bedroom. LOL. And the pics of Cameron are so adorable. I hope the medical appointment you have coming up will be able to put an end to your chronic pain!

Maggie said...

Great photos of Cameron, mine used to love baths too when they were babies, but didn't like their hair washed lol.
Kids these days seem to spend a lot of time in their bedrooms don't they, it's half tearm in the UK this week so my DD will not even be out of bed until lunch time :-O.

Hi, I'm Barbara from Missouri and.... said...

Julie, I love the photo's of Cameron in the tub. I do hope your doctor's appt. went well and that you received some good news.