Monday, February 2, 2009


I have no pictures to share at this time...sorry. I'm still working on a few projects. I've been stitching on Stacy Nash's Country Sampler Heart Pinkeep and it is fun, let me tell you. I've been stitching on Susan Greening Davis' A Stitch In Time Pouch (1 of 3 parts project) and it's been a delight as well. All I have left on the pouch is to weave silk ribbon through the H-Hem holes, tack down the tops and do a running stitch along the sides of the banding to make the pouch. Unfortunately, I've made no more progress on Blackbird Designs Sarah's ABC Pincushion bc I'm still charting my name ~ uuuggghhh! I know; that's really not a good excuse, but it's all I have and I'm sticking to it. I have other WIPs going on as well, but those are sitting and calling to me and they are patiently waiting for my return. I'll show pictures of my progress soon.

I'm going to pose a question. Does a needle really matter when you're stitching? I can cross stitch with any needle really, and probably half the time I use the incorrect tapestry needle when stitching. (Shhh...don't laugh!) Anyhoo, I usually use a John James or Mary Arden or whatever I can find in my necessaries. But just recently, Susan Greening Davis introduced me to a needle called Piecemakers. OMG!!! I never really paid much attention to my needle other than the size of the hole. Oh, and the fact that I don't like petites either, but this is about it. I bought two sizes from Susan. I have to shamefully admit...a needle really does matter, in my humble opinion! At least now it does.

The instant I opened the Piecemakers pack and pulled the needle out I noticed the difference. When I threaded my needle I noticed an even bigger difference and when I started stitching I definitely noticed the biggest difference of all. I can only explain that the Piecemakers needle is sturdier than the other needles. Since I just started using the needle, the history is that the needle point will never dull and the finish will remain intact. To me the needle slides more smoothly through the fabric and when I am threading my needle the floss doesn't get snagged or caught up in the eye. I highly recommend Piecemakers! You can buy them here. They are fabulous, and I have Susan to thank!

On my previous post I mentioned coming down with something and boy did I jinx myself or what! I haven't seen the doctor, but I know what I have. A sinus infection. I've had a terrible time sleeping and breathing. It's even difficult to eat. It's a shame I'm not dieting or not being able to eat would come in handy. Right now, I'm starving but food has no taste and it's hard to keep my mouth closed for that long. Oh well! :o)


Vonna said...

I've never used anything else other than Piecemakers since the company opened and my LNS got some in...I think that's been about three years now. I always sent a pack in an exchange or in a card for stitching friends and I've turned a lot of people on to Piecemakers..they are superior needles and I've but a lot of them through their paces! Someone gave me a pack of John James gold needles for Christmas and I threw them away...they totally STUNK compared to piecemakers! So I agree TOTALLY!

karenv said...

I tried Piecemakers for the first time a few years ago and now I refuse to use anything else. I use 28s for everything - 32ct to 40ct, over one or over two. I LOVE my Piecemakers! :)

mainely stitching said...

Yep, I have to agree that they are the best needles I've used.

The Scarlett House said...

Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comments. I can already tell that I'll enjoy visiting your blog.
Thanks for the needle tip. I have always used petites, but I think I'll check piecemakers out.
Yes, I will do custom requests on my sets. Nothing too hard though :)