Thursday, May 28, 2009

what would you do???

Okay, I'm taking a teeny-tiny poll here to find out what everyone else would do if they came upon THIS dilemma...

I turned her over and this is what I found. I'm pissed! I'm not going to lie. I know better than to go all this way without checking the back. Damn muscle relaxers!

This is the backside (obviously!). With that in mind, I don't know if I should frog all this or secure it and leave it. If I frog it that means having to start from the beginning of the green. Since this is the back, the thread is around 18" in length starting from the right side, continuing left and jumping down and traveling back the way I came. Make sense? Hmmm ~ I guess that's why they call this design the Traveling Stitcher. I didn't know they'd mean that literally...ahem! lol

Here's another close-up and angle of that stupid loop. I'm torn on what I should do. Should I securely leave it or rip it all out? Please, please, please...I want your thoughts.

On a lighter note, I can show you the front for progress' sake...and mine.

I am so enjoying this piece, even with that awful loop on the back. I have the top border to stitch and the verse underneath and I already have the case for it. I have this piece on a rod 'n roll so that's why the right hand house cannot be seen fully. I am lazy and still pissed.

WHAT'S HE DOIN' NOW!!!!!! (This is exactly what my grandmother would say if she were here today.) Cameron is nuts ~ that's all I can say about him right now!

Jose turns 12 on Sunday, May 31! We're celebrating his day on Saturday though. His Mamaw is coming into town from Canada tomorrow to spend his birthday with him. We'll be busy the next couple days. I can't believe my little boy is a tween - I'm in a bit of shock right now and I'm always overwhelmed around this time...but more so now than ever before. Thirteen is going to kill me, I believe.

Talk soon!

16 comments: said...

Secure it good and leave it.

Anonymous said...

Your mother agrees.

Melissa said...

I have to say I've done that a few times myself. For me, depending on when and where I find this knot, I usually frog it as I know it will bother me later. To each his/her own!

It's looking great on the top side though!

I laughed at Cameron in that photo. Can't get 'too' mad can you?

Anonymous said...

Secure the loop and enjoy the front... Doesn't that look fabulous? I think it does!! Can't wait to see your finish!

Annemiek said...

I'd go for securing the loop and leave it at that. There is not enough stitching time to frog this. It looks wonderful at the front and you wouldn't see it. Lesson learnt and keep stitching :).
Cameron is adorable, but he really shouldn't be up there. Tell him miss Annemiek from the Netherlands is worried he might fall down and get another big shiner LOL.

mainely stitching said...

How on earth did he get up there???

I'd secure it. You can get it down without it showing through, and unless you'll be mounting it flat on to something without any padding behind it, the little lump will not show.

Nicole said...

My oldest son would do the same thing! He pull a chair up to the counter and get whatever he wanted out of the cupboard! He was always so independent! LOL! :) I would probably leave it. If it weren't a lot of frogging I might take it out, but if it is a lot then I would leave. No one will ever know! :)

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Although it irritates you (as it would me), secure it and leave as is. Don't sweat the small stuff, life is way too short and so is precious stitching time. Your finish is gorgeous, well done!

Stitchin Sweet Sue

Sandra said...

If you untangle the knot, will there be enough to cut it in the centre and fasten each end into your work? If not, secure it, so it doesn't work loose on the front.

Kelly's Blog said...

I would secure it and leave it alone. I've had that happen to me before and I've just secured it (well!!)

12 isn't that bad, my son turned 12 in March and he is every part the 12 year old. I wouldn't worry about it.

Tanya said...

Secure it in the back under some threads and be done with it. I've had that happen and oh well! LOL

Cute pic of Cameron and what a bugger he is! I found Zack sitting on his playtable a few minutes ago.

Enjoy the birthday fun!

Deb said...

I would secure it and leave it. No one is going to see the back and you'll forget that it's there.

Shari said...

I am with everyone else Julie! Secure it/leave it!! No one will see it & you will someday forget about it too!!!
Cute picture of Cameron! One of my boys did that when he was little & it resulted in a broken pinky....he didn't climb again for a SHORT while!

Andrea said...

Personally I'd undo it. If I knew it was there it would bug me.
If a job's worth doing it's worth doing well as my Grandma would say. :)

Lea said...

OMG....... What's he doing!!!!Although,Cameron looks so innocent & adorable.

about your problem loop, I did it before more than once.*LOL*
secured a loop,don't even look the back. *S*

Michelle said...

Glad you decided to secure it and leave it...that's what I would do. I love this design too - I've got it almost ready to start!