Tuesday, May 12, 2009

sun, cameron overload, and a good meal

F I N A L L Y!!! The sun is out and no rain. Thank goodness for small miracles! After Cameron finished his snooze and ate his lunch we went to the park before getting Jose from school this afternoon. Cameron had a good time; always does. He gets so excited that he bounces from one place to the next, never deciding on just one thing. He loves it all.

I know…Cameron overload. But you have to remember that I have family checking out my blog and some live really really really far away – other countries to be exact.

We grabbed an ice cream from Sonic and picked up Jose. Don’t worry. Jose got a cold treat too. :o) Afterwards we headed home to prepare dinner. Speaking of…here’s our good meal.

It’s called Taco Bake (from Vonna) and it was D-LISH!!!

Jose is Cameron’s muse. Sometimes that’s a good thing and others not so good. LOL Here’s Cameron taking Jose’s old bike for a spin. He thought he was pretty cool.

I’ll be settling in now. "Dancing’ with the Stars" has started and I want to stitch some more on Movie Night by The Sampler Girl. Whew! Talk about a day. I feel complete and content right now and that's what matters. Talk soon!


Lea said...

He is adorable!!!! Love Elmo T's,It's very cute on him. :-)

Tanya said...

Darling pictures, Julie :)


Annemiek said...

Cameron looks adorable. Even though he "steals" your drink :). We are having a spell of beautiful weather here as well, just lovely.