Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This is what I stitched last night. I wasn't able to stitch the entire day yesterday. I had some household catch-ups to do so I was busy puttering around the home. This is Country Sampler Velvet Sampler Bag by Stacy Nash Primitives. It's so cute, but the peacock is what really caught my eye.

This morning me and Cameron went to Kroger. We were home by 9:30. I love getting to the store early. Nothing is worse than late-afternoon shopping ~ Ick! Speaking of Cameron...I poured myself something to drink just a little while ago and left it on the counter. Being the monkey that Cameron is he snuck his truck over to the counter and got my glass without my knowledge. I was out of the room and heard him coughing and sipping. I went in to investigate knowing what I'd find. There was Cameron hiding under the table with my glass sipping away like no one's business. Ugh!!! What am I going to do with this boy? LOL

I'm off to give him his nap and hopefully have time to sit and stitch on Movie Night. Talk soon!


Shari said...

oh that looks beautiful Julie!! I will have to look the pattern up to see what it looks like!
Hey, check my blog! I did the finishing on my movie night piece today!! I love how it turned out!
Too cute about Cameron. I hope it was a 'safe' drink!

Daffycat said...

What are you doing stitching all those letters first??? Stitch the peacock already! ***grin***

Looks beautiful already, Julie!

Lea said...

wooooooowhoooo, Julie! Very nice choice of Stacy's chart. :-)love it, totally love it!

Annemiek said...

This is turning out so cute Julie. I must admit, I liked this one better than the first one, though that was cute too. Guess I love alphabets :)