Friday, January 16, 2009

friday so far

Brrrrrrrrrrrr it's so very cold outside! It's a windy 13 degrees here in my neck of the woods. The Metropolitan school district decided to call school off today because they believe it's too cold for kids to go to school. I know people elsewhere in the US and in my home state that are at school today and they have more frigid weather than us. Good grief! This just keeps getting better and better for my children, I suppose. They call off school when the "threat" of snow is upon us, and then we don't even get any snow. Now, we're calling off school bc of temperature??? It wasn't like this when I was a child. Oh well...Jose is home and now watching Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (3rd one). Cameron is napping and I'm getting to some laundry and picking things up around the homestead.

Last night, me and DH stayed up to watch The Brave One with Jodie Foster. It's a movie about being a vigilante and really it's about going off half cocked at anyone who stands in your way. It was a good movie, not great, but good. Naturally I cried at sad parts. The overall plot of the movie is quite sad. Loving boyfriend gets beaten to death and you survive the same type beating. You've come to realize the world around you isn't as beautiful as you once thought and you start taking matters into your own hand. It is sad like I said, but payback can be a witch, if you know what I mean.

While movie watching I did stitch a little. I stitched on the pattern I got out of The Reader's Digest Big Book of Cross-Stitch Designs I checked out from the library a couple weeks back. It's called Lovebirds. I'm stitching it to have for Valentine's Day, reflecting me and my honey buns! I think I'll finish it off as a small pinkeep pillow to stow away in a basket. I'll probably keep it out all year though bc it is a nice V-day thing to do :o)

That's all I've stitched this entire week. Yep, I know..very sad! I'm ashamed. I just can't figure out what is wrong with me. Cameron is taking A LOT of my time right now. I can't stop him from finding ways to climb, climb, climb, and the getting into stuff is nuts. I really need advice bc I'm seriously going mad. My house has been so rearranged by his silly little ways that it looks like we're moving. There is so much put away it isn't even funny ~ we can't even have our dining room chairs in the room. We keep them hidden in a closed off part of the house. When we want to sit down we retrieve them. However, the second, and I mean down to the millisecond, we get out of our seat he's at the chair climbing his way on board. I think this is why I've endured so much back pain and pinched nerves in the last few weeks. He's 25 lbs and that is too much for my weak back to handle especially with all the lugging I have to do with him. Oh well...such is life I guess, but something has got to give, right?

Here's Cameron at breakfast. He loves balancing his plate on his head, but mama doesn't like it when he does that after he's had waffles with syrup. He thinks he's pretty funny and he's rotten for it. Just look at his face and his 'do'. He's a bugger alright!

God love him!

Today's Stitching: Lovebirds from "RDBBoCS"


At the Honeysuckle Tree said...

Too cute ~ love that morning hair. Zack gets that all day long. LOL

Tanya :)
ps...LOVE that key background!!

mainely stitching said...

Cameron sounds like Nicky used to be and like Arden is beginning to be. Little buggers! LOL. They outgrow it ... eventually!

Julie's Keepsakes said...

Tanya, thanks for the compliment on my background. I found this really cute site that offers free backgrounds and lots of other things.

Barbara, thankfully they do outgrow it. That's a blessing all in itself. My first born, Jose, never did all this. He didn't get bad until 2-3, but Cameron has been this way since he learned to walk. He just wants to dismantle everything. He's a walking tornado, as I've started to call him lately. It drives me crazy! He's so like his father.