Monday, January 5, 2009

first week of 2009

I don't have a whole lot to report so I may just ramble. It's been a lazy and quiet new year so far. I've got a few little projects going on. The boys aren't ill anymore, which is a relief. I have a cold that remains to linger, but it is subsiding. DH is over his sickness as well. Our new year was spent at my parents house. Me and the boys stayed the night at my folks and my DH was in South Bend, Indiana visiting and celebrating with some high school buddies for New Years. The Christmas decorations are finally down and put away...late posting that. They've been down since the first of the year, but I needed to say it. It feels good to have Christmas out of the way and onto something new.

My final finish for 2008 was The Prairie Schooler's freebie from 2002. I haven't finish-finished it, and I'm not quite sure how I will complete it. So far I have stitched an outline, which makes it look like it could be a floss tag or fob, but I just haven't brainstormed enough. I guess time will tell. I'm up for suggestions.

On Saturday I stopped at another LNS that I've only been to twice. There are two in Nashville. I bought some over-dyed fabric and a few charts. I guess I was on a Carriage House Samplers buzz or something because that's what I came out with. Oh...and I bought another chart for a $1.00. It has crows on it so I thought I could do something primitive with that. Here's a snapshot of my items. I'm really excited to use the fabric. One is 35 ct. Havana from Weeks Dye Works and the other is called Relic, and I have forgotten by who. oops! :o)

Afterwards the shop, me and Jose went to the library. Jose checked out one of my school day favorites, Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary. And he also checked out a big chapter book, and I can't remember the name, and a Japanese inspired comic book that is becoming quite popular amongst his age group (can't remember its title either). I checked out 3 books. Two are cross stitch pattern books and techniques for finishing and the other is about quilt basics. I need a refresher. Lastly, we checked out an Elmo's World DVD for Cameron. Jose has already finished the comic, has read parts of Dear Mr. Henshaw and is now reading his chapter book. Tuesday (tomorrow) Jose returns to school and I'm a little relieved. He was somewhat of help with Cameron during the break, but it gets crazy around here with both boys running around ALL day, and they don't always cooperate. They have been getting on my last little nerve.

I've been meaning to go through my stash and plan out by month what I'd like to stitch for 2009; and I still plan on doing so. This is more difficult than I thought. I failed to remember that I need to allow time for my UFO's as well - don't know when I'm going to get those in there. Anyhoo, I decided to borrow Barbara's idea of saying (and hopefully doing :o) I'll stitch project A on this day and project B on this day and I'll reserve the weekends for project(s) C and D, (ahhhh) and so forth! I think this may help get things done around here. I don't belong to any SAL's and exchanges so I'm basically stitching for myself and my family. Quick thought...I started a Stacy Nash today called Emma's Sampler. It's really cute and a quick stitch. I started it because I know I can get it done rather quickly and I really really want to use my walnut crystals I got for Christmas. I've got a terrible itch to try these babies out! And I'll get my first finish in for 2009! LOL

Here are the 2 SN pieces I'm currently working on. There are lots of other projects literally laying around here, but I'll post those at another time.

Back to the quilting topic for a moment...I checked out a quilt book from the library on Saturday because I need a refresher. I know how to quilt, but it's been sometime since I really quilted. I can machine and hand sew so that gives me a start. What I love about Tanya's personal finishing is that she uses a lot of quilting techniques. She makes small table runners, quilt hangings and the list goes on. But what intrigues me most is that she is a cross stitcher by nature and in heart, but she has this innate capability to incorporate her cross stitching with fabric that would typically be used for quilt-making. Anyway, she inspires that old quilting ability within and I am flooded with all types of possibilities for my own finishing. So, with that being said, I wanted to check out a quilt book that I don't have in my own home library, something new to my eyes, for inspiration. There is just so much I want to do with my fabric stash and at times I don't know where to begin. And as I've said in the past, I love fat quarters!

Aside from stitching and crafts, I didn't make new year resolutions for 2009. Not that I don't need any changes to occur, but why a new year to make positive changes? Why not just "do it" just because? Anyway, I've made no resolutions. I have set goals. Don't get me wrong...I'm in full support for anyone and everyone who makes resolutions for themselves. I think it's great ~ fantastic really! But for me, I set myself up for failure and I would rather take my time and let life be as it may. I do things the moment they are perfect and in line with me and my circumstances. I do love planning and routine. I'm compulsive when it comes to this territory, but things are hectic already without setting myself up for rules or limitations. I'm satisfied with things right now.

I lost 55 lbs in 2008 and my goal was to lose weight, and I did. I didn't set a limit on pounds, I just wanted weight to come off. As it started to come off, the motivation kicked in instead of kicking me. Eventually half a person went away and I'm relatively back to my pre-baby weight. I quit smoking on August 8, 2006 and I haven't smoked since, not once, not even close. The only plan for quiting was that I wanted a baby. Simple as that! I haven't had any alcohol since June 16, 2006, not a drop. I wasn't an alcoholic or anything, but around that time I knew I wanted to have more children and I started with getting rid of the easiest thing in my life; alcohol. Then came cigarettes. Then came better eating habits. Next came baby and life was good! Life is still good and here I am!

Recently I had a good little chat with Petra. She really is an amazing person and has this fantastic view on things. More importantly, I have grown to realize she is one of the best mothers I've met without really meeting her. Stop by her website and check her out. She's also quite the busy stitcher...always banging out those quick stitch weekend projects. :o) And her son James is the cutest little blonde!

Movies...I recently watched We Own the Night with Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix. Talk about violent. Good, but violent! Check out the trailer above. Has anyone watched Dexter on Showtime? I don't have cable, but my parents own seasons 1 and 2 of Dexter and I HIGHLY recommend you see it. Dexter is a serial killer, but no ordinary serial killer, who works in a crime lab. A serial killer you actually fall in love with. Michael C. Hall (from Six Feet Under) who plays the character of Dexter is so remarkable in this role and is sooooo heavenly on the eyes. I'm almost done with season 1 and my mom says season 2 is even better. Once I stop blogging and submitting this post I'm off to watch my Dexter some more. ;o) He's so addictive!

I've got to run. I'll post more tomorrow. My laptop is sick right now and my DH says he's going to fix it. My reason for absence is that in order to check email and blog regularly I have to use my desk computer which isn't convenient for me while having Cameron with me all day. With my laptop I can sit in the main part of house and have my eyes on him the entire time. Our office is not ideal for Cameron and I to be in right now. I'm off to say goodnight!

Here is my motto for 2009 and for the rest of my life...Progress, not perfection! (Thanks Dad! I love you!)

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