Friday, January 9, 2009

blog browsing

Last night I was browsing blogs with no specific destination other than to browse and enjoy the quietness of nighttime Interneting (no such word until now :o). I came across a really cool quilting, stitchery blog that had a neat idea for a quilt. I'm not an experienced quilter, but the idea around this quilt sparked my imagination and thought "I don't have to make a quilt necessarily. I can use these embroidery designs for something else, right?" It's a freebie called Noah's Ark Free Stitchery BOM by Lynette Anderson. I downloaded the animals I wanted so I can embroider them and do what I want with them. They are really really cute! I was considering doing a little Noah's Ark patchwork quilt for Cameron using these embroidery designs or maybe even some wall hangings for his room. Either way, and no matter what I decide, they sure are cute and look fun and easy.

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