Thursday, October 13, 2016

peaceful it is

Even though I have 33 WIPS, I'm like the average stitcher and I'm starting another project. Some things never change, do they? Ha! My dear Aunt Pam and I are committing to a SAL. My Mother and I are also working on a SAL with a twist. We're working on the same piece; taking turns from one block to another. We started Shores of Hawk Run Hallow by Carriage House Samplings a long time ago and have decided to actually finish it this time. Not sure who's custody it will belong to ;-) 


I will have more thoughts later on. This paralegal needs to get ready for work.

Talk soon!!



Robin in Virginia said...

Your new start looks like a relaxing piece to stitch on. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Julie said...

It's definitely a big piece, Robin! My Aunt and I have our hands full. This will be my first Moira Blackburn piece, although I have a few charts of hers, this will be my first to stitch.

Maggie said...

Oh wow, 33 wips! I wouldn't have room to store that many, lol
I do have some WIPS, who doesn't, but i've never counted them, perhaps i should.

Nice new project, it must be good to have a mum and sister that stitch also, no one in
my family does