Wednesday, October 29, 2008

quick hello

It's been a week since my last post. I'm not sure why. Oh it doesn't matter, I'm here now and that's what counts. Lots has been going on, which I'll riddle off in another post. It is late right now. I've decided to give my blog a face lift. I loved my blog photo in the previous page, but I wasn't happy with the mood I was projecting. The brown was getting me down and I didn't feel energized. I needed something a little more spunky...something a little more ME! I think I found what I was looking for.

My DH decided he would turn off my computer while I was in the middle of the face lift. Yep, you heard that right. He needs to understand that what's mine is not his. ;-) He thought I was just emailing and thought I was done at my computer. Unlikely story, but I'll accept it for now.

My mind is overflowing with inspiration to which I am collecting from my surroundings ~ my mother in particular. She is a great source of comfort and joy for me. I saw this photo and thought of our times together; stitching, laughing, sharing "husband-isms" and eating orange sherbet cones (low fat that is). I can't help but wonder what these beautiful women spoke and what they thought. What was on their minds? Where did their inspiration come from? What was their passion in life?

No matter where the answer, they seem at peace and without worry. They seem to have comfort and joy in the company they keep.

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