Friday, October 3, 2008

Blogging Introduction!!!

Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am brand new to this element and hope to improve over time. My intention for Julie's Keepsakes is to explore the globe of cross stitch, punchneedle and whatever the heart renders with regard to crafting. I have already viewed some pretty spectacular blog sites and I have a lot of work ahead of

I hope to meet many brilliant and creative stitchers along the way. I wish for inspiration so I can stitch better with my needle and thread. And hopefully, I can learn from the wisdom of all the stitchers around the country and across the ponds.

This is my first blog post and hope I've utilized the "posting" tab correctly. Once I've mastered this blogging-wonder :-) that I've been introduced to, I will post photos, thoughts, questions, etc. If you have pointers for me, I sure could use them. :-)

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