Sunday, October 19, 2008

comings and goings...(mommy biz)

Let's the last couple weeks I've been trying to get this blog started and I think I've done okay. I wish I could get to bloggin' a lot more, but sometimes that is difficult. This little one of mine keeps me running around like some mad cow (I mean this in the silliest way possible). My 1 year old is named Cameron. He is into the climbing thing now. He's climbing into and onto everything: the dishwasher, the couch, the futon, the stepladder, and anything with a 1 inch ledge. YIKES! Oh yeah, he's started the temper tantrum as well - he gets going so good that he sounds like the local emergency siren *no kidding!* But I love him all the same.

I want to make a few Shout Outs, if I may... Since I started blogging, I've met some really interesting ladies and they are so, so nice. You should check them out. We've got CarolR. I must say - she was kind enough to be the first to post on my blog. Thank you, Carol, for getting that ball rolling. Yuko commented too and I so appreciate that. Then there is Anita who I met my initial week on Blogger. She really took me under her wing and advised me - Anita, I can't thank you enough for pointing me in the right direction. Last, but never never least is Tanya. Tanya is my newest blog-buddy. I think we can agree that we may be different patches from the same quilt. Tanya, YOU ROCK!!!

Monday was Columbus Day and since Jose was out of school that day me and Nana took the boys to the zoo. This was really the boys' first time together at the zoo where they could do things together. It was quite magical. The petting zoo was fun for both the boys. My oldest, Jose, loves animals. He's been a Junior Zookeeper before at our local zoo. The kids really get their hands dirty and learn lots of information about the zoo animals. Jose always has the best time at the zoo. He's been so many times that he doesn't need the map anymore. He knows that place like the back of his hand.

Gorillas in the Mist

Tuesday was terrible. I had a migraine to which there was no end. I felt better Wednesday and was more productive.
Thursday was another brick in the wall. I was at mom's house helping her straighten things up after 2 major renovations. While there I helped her organize her floss boxes. It was so much fun looking at all those cascading colors. All I wanted to do was jump into them like a pile of fall leaves. Ahhhh...... My mom has a bigger hobby room (goody ~ room for more stuff) now and dad has a bathroom any man would kill for. :-)

On Friday Jose's Mamaw traveled from Canada to visit him. This is their Christmas together. He's having so much fun though. He got a new game system; a Wii concole game system. Jose is such a lucky boy! I allowed him to play hookey today so he could spend the last day of her trip with her. I'm sure I'll get an earful of "Hey mom, check out my new does this and that!" Ohhh, the joys of becomming a mother.

The weekend was 50/50. Saturday was a bust. Another migraine attack and I was out of commission the entire day. I absolutely cannot function and I'm useless to my family when I'm laid up in bed all day...and I don't get to stitch. :-( I haven't stitched since Thursday. Poohy! Sunday was better though. I went to mom's and helped her some more with the cleanup. Here's what Cameron decided to do when we got home from mom's Sunday evening.

Some late nite cleaning

Grrr... I almost forgot. I still have to post photos of the things I got from Celebration. I'll try and get to that this week. I have a lot to get to this week. Once I finish my introductions, adjust to the blog world and familarize myself with the layout environment, I'll be posting more cross stitch subject matter. I do apologize. Bear with me, please!

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