Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Boy-Stitcher ALERT

My oldest child, Jose, was taught to stitch by his Nana (my mom) a couple years ago. One weekend, Jose stayed with Nana so me and his father could move our furniture into our new home. While staying with Nana, Jose was curious about cross stitching. He wondered if he could learn to stitch and wanted to know if boys stitched too. Haha! Nana gladly taught him the very basics of cross stitch on a small piece of baby blue Aida. He wanted to make me something special and make me proud. She charted a little design on graph paper; something he could read easily and comprehend. I have to say, it is quite lovely coming from (at the time) a 9 year old little boy who had never stitched a cross in his entire young life. The piece speaks to me every time I glance at it.

Needless to say, I was very proud of him and eventually I found the perfect home for it. It hangs in my craft room along with all my other prized possessions.

Right now, Jose is currently working on a little green frog sitting on a lily pad. He's probably 75% complete, but he hasn't picked it up in quite sometime now. I'll post his little frog in the near future. :D

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Tanya said...

How wonderful that he stitches! I tried to teach Ben a few years ago - maybe I should try it again. DH rather I not but pish posh, why not! LOL