Thursday, October 30, 2008

proud announcement

I have officially joined a wonderful group of stitchers who've inspired a passion I never knew existed. I joined the Stacy Nash Groupies at Yahoo! a few days ago. I'm so darn excited about this! All the ladies within this group are so well-rounded and a fantastic bunch at that. Each lady brings their own uniqueness to the group ~ you just keep coming back for more. Stacy Nash Primitives are quite the envy. I have begun my first piece already and I couldn't be happier about it: the Hallow's Eve Sampler Pillow. Stacy Nash designs are so addictive, fun and easy. I am able to stand in my kitchen, stitch and converse with my DH while we prepare dinner. It's so much fun! Anyone who is wanting something fun and "primitive" should definitely taste Stacy Nash Primitives. Kudos to her!!! I'm in love...

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