Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a teeny tiny break

I’m sure most, if not all of you, are tired of seeing the same project over and over again, but I’m not. LOL Last time I tried to post JA sampler photos of the motifs I couldn’t get them to load, so here is the progress on those.

Just so much fun! I can’t say it enough. HOWEVER, I need a teeny tiny break away from the biggie and started Cast Your Spells by Stacy Nash that I recently received in the mail (another one of mom's love-y gifts to me). I have no business starting something new, believe you me, but I had to. It’s just too cute and I know it’ll go fast. Swear! It’s nice just to have something small for the hands, you know.

I started this yesterday afternoon while outside with Cameron. These days he loves playing in the car. He’s so boy. Anyhoo…it’s a nice little kit. It has the cutest beige/tan ticking to turn into a pincushion or whatever the fancy, but I’ll stick to what its purpose demands.

I’m so disappointed. I’m going to miss my LNS moonlight stitching on Saturday evening. I always go to this and I’m bummed that I can’t make it. I have other family obligations that should have my attention so I must go. It’s my FIL’s 60th birthday. My BIL and his fiancé, my friend, are coming all the way from Calgary to celebrate and relish in their vacation time here in the States. It’ll be a nice visit for everyone. Dh has taken quite a bit of time off for the occasion so a relief for him indeed. Starting August, however, dh will be commuting to Birmingham, Alabama for that entire month…but this is a whole other story to which I’m not about to get into right now. I’m going to keep this post happy. :D

Did anyone watch Miss Marple on PBS Sunday night? I caught it the next day via the laptop. I thought it was a bit creepy b/c of the eccentric personalities. They were so very bizarre. Btw, I want to thank everyone who visits and comments. I so appreciate the attention as I am aware of how many wonderfully beautiful blogs are out there and you've made a choice to come see mine. Ah, YOU are great!

Anyway…Talk soon!

cross stitch fairy


Tanya said...

As always, great stitching progress, miss fast stitcher-oo and that CAST YOUR SPELLS is gonna be witchy cool.

The last Miss Marple wasn't that great - kinda weird. I hope the last one is a good one. The second was my favorite.


Melissa said...

You are making great progress on JA. It looks wonderful. That new SN design looks great too.

Nancy said...

Your Jane Austen sampler is beautiful Julie, and your teeny tiny break looks nice too! Gorgeous stitching!

mainely stitching said...

It looks fabulous and I'm really enjoying your progress pictures!!!

Françoise said...

just beautifull!!!!!

Shari said...

gorgeous!!!!!! It looks like the JA is almost done!! I love it!!!! Makes me want to get it & do it!!! What is the pattern again!??!!?!?!?

Deb said...

I love seeing your progress on your JA piece - so I'm not bored seeing it again. And I love your start on the Stacey Nash piece too!

Michele said...

I love the seeing your progress on any of your stitching! JA is looking great! and we all deserve a new start here and there *smile*

Sorry you have to miss the stitching at your LNS .. hope you enjoy all the family though!

Michelle said...

Hi Julie,

You are working on some beautiful pieces. I think starting a new project every now and again is a good thing.

I'm having a cross stitch giveaway, stop by if you would like to enter but hurry, it ends tomorrow.

I enjoyed my visit..


Heidi said...

Your sampler is looking beautiful. I feel like I keep repeating the exact same photo of my 10 Virgins. I just don't feel like I am making progress although I know I am. I am sure it is because I have limited myself to only stitching that project until it is done. No fun but I want to have a finish! Must be something in the summer sun as I never push myself on one project like this.

Hugs ~

Paulette said...

I LOVE the progress on your JA piece.. what a beautiful sampler that is! I'm so tempted to get that one, but I have a few other Sampler Girl charts in line ahead of it right now. :)

I'm sorry you'll miss your moonlight night, but it sounds like you'll have fun nonetheless!


Jennifer said...

This is just gorgeous, lovely indeed! Gosh, what I would give to stitch that fast!
I like the smaller project too. Sometimes you have to take a break from the larger ones. I like the Sampler Girl designs. That's especially why I like the Companion Booklets, lots of variety!

North Ga.