Friday, July 17, 2009

home sweet home

We have three dogs. One of which is Lucy, a 3 year old Shih-Tzu. Unfortunately, Lucy doesn't get along too well with children. She has snapped at Cameron, even bitten him, and has done the same with Jose. Other than her lack of social skills with kids she does perfectly well with adults. In fact, she loves people. Lucy needed a better home and we've been struggling for a long time with placement. We didn't want to take her to the pound because she has such potential to be a great dog with the right owner. We just aren't the right ones for her. She deserves more; deserves better than us.

Well, I couldn't be more pleased with her new home. Recently, my FIL's two dogs have passed away and he has decided to make Lucy his new companion. At first, he wanted a trial run with her so she's been sleeping over for the past week to see how things go. Today, he stopped by with Lucy in tow to pick up her file that I have on her. I guess this means it's a done deal. Lucy has found a home and a good home. We are so grateful and my heart can rest now. I do miss her presence because she is such a sweetie, but I don't miss having to watch Cameron's back so she doesn't bite. Every part of this experience is a relief b/c I still get to see my Lucy-Lu when we visit my FIL. I'm happy about the arrangement. Talk soon!


Shari said...

what a cutie!!! did the right thing. You sure can't risk the boys being bit. So good you will get to see her still!!!!

mainely stitching said...

What a wonderful solution to a difficult problem! Some furbabies just do not get along with kids, and that's the plain & simple of it. I'm so glad she's going to be your FIL's number one pup. :D

FayeRaye said...

sweet story...Lucy will do fine...I know you made the right decision.