Sunday, July 5, 2009

quick post

I apologize for not being up to speed on blogging and posting. I've been in quite the slump for the past couple weeks. Whether that be family matters, money problems, wacky children, computer issues, and the like, I am in a blue-ish slump and hope to remove myself from it soon. It's been hectic and I haven't really felt wise to enter my "happy place." Here! I hope to be back in tip-top shape as soon as I can b/c I'm tired of being tired. I do have stitchy updates and such, but just don't have the muster to share right now. It's just one of those months, ya know. Talk soon!


Jennifer said...

I could share that photo there this weekend. I've been in a rut too. Sometimes its hard to blog with bliss when life is sending some rough waters.
I do hope you feel better and some sunshine will brighten your day tomorrow.
Prayers with you,

Melissa said...

I echo Jennifer's sentiments. Hang in there and ride it out Julie! See you back here soon.

Annemiek said...

Hey Julie, I hope your happy place is found soon. No worries about taking a blog break, it's supposed to be fun blogging, not work :).
Hang in there,

Siobhan said...

Hang in there, Julie. Sending you hugs and prayers. I know how you feel; I've felt the blahs all this past month with worries about various things, just feeling out of sorts, and then feeling upset because I was so out of sorts. Big hugs!

Deb said...

Hopefully you'll be back to your happy place soon. Funny how life throws us all kinds of things at one time.

Daffycat said...

***hugs*** Been there myself lately...hope things start looking up for you, friend!

mainely stitching said...

Oh, Julie, I'm sorry! Feel free to talk with my anytime if you need a pair of ears!

Shari said...

hugs Julie,
I know that exact feeling. I have been there myself lately!