Tuesday, July 14, 2009

miss marple

Did anyone watch the Masterpiece Mystery program on PBS Sunday night? Tanya talked about it HERE. Series IV of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple novels are airing all this month every Sunday evening. I didn't get to see the first showing on July 5 but I watched the second one this past Sunday. It was really good. Miss Marple reminds me of Jessica Fletcher (Murder She Wrote) minus the writer aspect.

If you'd like to get caught up you can watch the two mystery movies HERE. Check your local listings though b/c this link will say 9:00 pm, but that's eastern time. Mine started at 8:00 (central) and lasted almost til 9:30. Make sure the kiddos are in bed. :0) You'll want to sit and stitch to these. Talk soon!

"People do tend to confide in old ladies, don't you find?" Miss Marple in A Pocket Full of Rye


Tanya said...

Hey Julie!
Sunday's one was the best yet and there have only been two new ones so far. LOL I loved it - I need to buy the DVD of these when they come out next month! I'm eager for Sunday night for another one. Can you tell? LOL


Maggie said...

I love Miss Marple is just one of my favourites on TV, usually the is one on in the Uk on Saturdays or Sundays. they are just so ''English', lol and everything is so quaint and proper!

happy viewing :-)

Anonymous said...

The actress in these new shows makes a very good Miss Marple, I think, and I have seen most of the previous ones. But Julie, you have it backwards, Jessica Fletcher must remind you of Miss Marple, since Miss Marple arrived a few decades earlier. Masterpiece Mystery is always great! Sally

Holly said...

Hi Julie,

Funny you should mention stitching while watching Miss Marple -- that's exactly what I was doing last night!