Thursday, September 17, 2009

vent much

It has been raining non-stop for days. I haven't been able to take one reasonable photo of any stitching all week b/c of the damn rain. I started one of the new Stacy Nash pinkeeps from her Merry Hallowe'en booklet and I'm further along on Mayflower Landing by LHN, BUT I can't share them with you. It's very frustrating.

And as of early last week I started to take really, really long walks on a nearby trail called the Greenway - a bit of cardio imagine that. I've even managed to change my diet and I've stuck to it. In the last few weeks I've managed to lose 12 pounds due to all the changes. I've been in such a rut for so many months the motivation just kicked in one day. BUT b/c of all the rain I haven't been able to do any walking and my body is craving it. That is a good sign that my body NEEDS the exercise and I'm completing the hurdle of my limbs hurting from the workout. I can't stop now.

We have a tread mill that I could use for when it rains, but dh thought the 52" broken TV should sit better there than anywhere else, like the floor, so I can't manipulate the tread mill and I can't move the TV myself and it isn't priority to dh.

I notice my body taking a different shape and I want to stay at this pace so it better not be raining tomorrow or else mama is going to be very unhappy and crabby. In fact, more unhappy than usual these days. So please ladies, pray to the sun gods and tell those mean ole clouds to go away and come again some other day b/c Julie is tired of venting and she wants to go walking THIS day not another day. She wants to play now dammit!!! And she wants to share some stitching with you. :o) Talk soon!


Jennifer said...

Oh my, I know what you mean. It has rained here almost a week and predicted to rain all weekend.
It has interfered with my and my honeys walks in the evening too. I sleep better at night when I walk.
So, I'll pray with ya! LOL

Feathers in the Nest

April Mechelle said...

I know about the rain also. I am in Alabama, Right south of you.. LOL A total week of rain and more on the way. We are under Flood Warnings. Congrats on the weight loss and body change. I need to start exercising more... Just A Thought... LOL

mary said...

I just got back from my 3 mile walk/run, it has been raining here all week as well and I was just as down as you are. :) All better now and only got rained on for a minute or two! I've been excercising regularly since June and changed my diet just over a month ago and I am noticing improvements. It's nice to know that I am not the only one trying to make a change. The craving exercise thing is the oddest change, but even my hubby notices when I need "my walk". I'm not a treadmill person, but I did consider going to our little indoor mall and walking it with the seniors yesterday morning, just to get out. I am sending sunshine wishes your way, if it doesn't work, there is always the mall. :)


Jan said...

NO rain here, send it my way! Seems like that is the case, huh? It either rains too much or not at all. Hope you get to walk soon, that is great you have stuck with it!