Friday, August 14, 2009

dog dayz of summer r closing & progress elsewhere

Here are some of our last, hot, afternoon, summer dayz…

Don't ask...we don't.

Cameron in the backyard with daddy and the dogs just last weekend. Cameron got such a kick out of the dogs being in the pool with him. The dogs…not so much.

These other lazy-by-the-pool photos were taken by our friend, Dave and his friend Lindsey. We attended Dave’s 10-year old daughter’s birthday and our boys had such a good time. Dave and his daughter Devinee really know how to throw a party.

To end the hot dayz of summer, today marked Jose’s return to school. Today was the beginning of 7th grade. I was a nervous wreck and I’ll tell you why. Ever since Jose was in pre-school/kindergarten we have always driven him to school. We depended on only ourselves to get him there; never having to worry about someone else or anything else to do that job for us. Jose has always attended Montessori and magnet curriculums, therefore, those types of schools do not offer transportation – you have to provide it.

So, for 6-7 years we have driven Jose to and fro. He’s never ridden the cheese wagon (as we call the school bus). Back up several sentences…I was a nervous wreck this morning. Literally pacing around my home waiting to get a glimpse of the passing cheese wagon through the storm door. And before this, watching him walk up our busy road (and I mean busy) to catch the bus for the first time until I could no longer see him. Jose is 12 and for the first time I had that feeling like as if he started school all over again at the age of 5. Why does loving children physically hurt? I’m just glad I made it through this day. And just think, Jose made it through better than I did and he’s the child, but as you can tell Cameron was pretty upset to see big brother go too. :o)

Onto progress…Here’s On Travel with Jane Austen so far. I love the house. It’s just so sweet. I stopped on it for a brief time b/c I wanted to finish-finish some things and I’m glad I got to those. I do feel a little more accomplished, although my mind is starting to wander again. LOL!

Dh is back from out of town today. I am jubilant over some upcoming social outing with my friends Sally and Susan and mom (I love them so). However, right now the boys are screaming for my attention (like they don’t get enough) so I must tend and mend…Talk soon!


Suzann @ The Olive Cottage said...

sweet photos.
enjoy the time with special friends.

Jan said...

Aren't summers wonderful, especially with kids? So many memories to make.

Love your sampler, it is looking beautiful!

Siobhan said...

Adorable kids & fabulous stitching!!

I can relate to the angst about sending your son on the school bus. I always drove the kids to school and so letting go of even that bit of control was hard. Lots of praying!! Big hugs. It does physically hurt sometimes when you have to let them grow a bit on their own, even if that is your aim all along. Sometimes the urge to lock them in the basement so they can't leave & nobody can touch them is overwhelming. Then they start fighting with their siblings and you remember, 'oh yeah, time for you to spread your wings, somewhere out of my ear shot!!'. ;)

Michelle said...

What sweet photos of summertime. That is one big stitching project and it is so pretty.


Michele said...

love all the summer pictures! dogs, kids and water .. what can be better :)

ohhhh that picture of Cameron just breaks my heart .. you can tell he's missing big brother :( I hope trips back and forth on the cheese wagon get easier and easier for you .. changes, transitions, I sometimes think they are harder on the adults!

Petra said...

What great photos!!!!
I hope Cameron has gotten used to his brother going off to school.